Cleaning Water Coolers

Cleaning water coolers from time to time is essential if you want to continue enjoying the benefits of the water cooler. Even though a water cooler is easy to maintain and does not get filthy easily, it is essential that you perform a cleaning operation now and then to ensure that your water cooler continues to dispense safe drinking water.

You may replenish the system with clean drinking water on a regular basis, but with bottled water coolers when the process of change happens, some bacteria may sneak into the system. And therefore it is essential that you follow a routine when it comes to cleaning water coolers.

Most suppliers will give you a guide that will detail a step by step process that you can use for cleaning water coolers. You need to ensure that you follow the process to the tee. People have different water consumption patterns, while some may consume a bottle of water within a week, at other homes it may last for two weeks or more. It is suggested that you undertake cleaning water coolers every time the bottle is changed.

Irrespective of the bottle change, one must carry out a cleaning water coolers operation once every six weeks. You could either use bleach or white vinegar for the cleaning process. Bleach should be kept in contact only for about 4 – 5 minutes and white vinegar for about ten minutes.

Let your bottle sit with the solution for the recommended time and then flush out the water. Once all the solution is emptied clean the bottle with fresh water at least four or five times to make sure that the last traces of bleach or vinegar are totally gone. Taste the water to be sure and if you can still smell or taste the traces of the solution, keep flushing the bottle with clean water.

The process of cleaning water coolers is very easy and absolutely essential to maintain if you worry about the safety of your family members. So make cleaning water coolers a part of your monthly routine and ensure that your family enjoys a healthy life.