I won’t let my tears fall again,
I’m turning my heart into a stone,
To save me the worry and the pain,
To let me just hang up the phone.

Change has moved us to a place,
Where you aren’t there and I’m alone,
I knew it someday had to be,
It was too soon, and I was torn.

How wonderful, funny, it must be,
To turn your back and just be gone
How it twists me inside, just to see,
You be someone else, just to belong.

I don’t need that cursory smile, that absent nod,
Thought you’d snap out of it, but I was wrong,
You’re what you swore you’d never be,
You won’t change now, it’s been too long.

Through ridicule, I tried to stay,
I’m letting you go, got  life to live,
You’ll remember what I told you once,
I don’t forget, I won’t forgive.

Vrinda Manochar

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