Coke: Are You Opening Happiness?


Through the years, the makers of most of our favourite soft drink Coca Cola has gained customer’s interest and most importantly revenues with the help of their ever so entertaining and impressive advertisements.

Whether it is the famous “Yaaran da tashan” by Aamir Khan some 4-5 years back or “Brrr” campaign, we have always enjoyed watching all these ads and have been always influenced to join the Coke league.

The Brrr advertisement showcases how a college student offers a bottle of coke to his friend sitting in a lecture and her professor catches the boy and drinks the coke instead. And as soon as he gulps the first sip of the icy cold Coca Cola, he shows a “Brrr” expression which suggests refreshment and contentment as if he had tasted a drop of the holy water of the Ganges. Though the ad was liked by one and all, it could not gather the expected response from the audiences in respect of sales unlike the earlier ads launched by the company.

The marketing team of the company worked upon the possible factors for the failure of the ad and thought that the possible reason could be the timing of the launch, because it was launched at the time of the World Cup and in a country like India, where people religiously follow Cricket, they expect Cricket everywhere which includes even the advertisements, which this one has surely missed upon and when its rival, Pepsi Co. came up with its “Change the Game” campaign, Coca Cola lost more market share.

Now, Coke then launched a second Brrr advertisement which was better than the previous one and brought out the Brrr expression more interestingly. Though certain consumers have always been faithful to the brand and never shifted away from it, with the settling of the obstreperous uproar of the World Cup and so of the Change the Game campaign, the Brrr campaign was the one influencing people in large numbers. It brought an increase in the amount of sales and hence revenue of the company.

Since, today everybody wants to see something entertaining and soothing when they switch on to their television sets, an ad like this serves just the purpose. The “open happiness” slogan of the drink brings to life the idea of taking a pause from the routine affairs and enjoying some little nothingness and sweet moments with one’s family and friends.

The company is also taking steps to promote their ad through various other media to reach a wide customer base which includes online promotion through various social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Even the content of the recently launched ad is such that a large number of consumers can relate to it and so will be tempted to buy the product.

And that is exactly what every manufacturer wishes the consumers to do. Hence in my opinion, every company should try and relate to the audience and to their needs to gather a large crowd for its product. Only then will they be able to hit a jackpot in a short span of time.

Aasita Gupta

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