Columbia Business School

Columbia business school ensures that the students studying in their institution come out as leaders and can boldly be on top of the fast-paced business world. Columbia business school creates an environment for their students where they are made to realize the complexities of the business environment and prepare them for the most unpredictable of the situations they might come across. The Columbia business school takes up the responsibility of nurturing and guiding every student so that he or she can very efficiently hone their own skills which not only helps them gain self confidence but also leads to interaction and generation of skills and ideas between different students.

Columbia business school that is affiliated to the Columbia University covers a distinct variety of courses that offers the students options to specialize across a wide variety of subjects. The Columbia business school also boasts of a strong research centre where the highly experienced faculty works continuously to improve the current structure of education and teach the students accordingly so that they can very efficiently face the complex business world. The study and research done at the Columbia business school who have partnered with various other institutions and companies formulate and design processes which not only helps the students expand their skills but at the same time moulds them so that they can face the various challenges they might come across.

The Columbia business school has various divisions such as the accounting division, marketing division, management division, decision and risk management division, and finance and economics division Columbia business school offers various business education post graduate and doctoral courses such as the full time MBA, executive MBA executive education and a PhD in MBA. Columbia business school also provides online MBA degrees through distance education for the people who cannot attend college for varied  reasons.

Other business schools, which are equally renowned as the Columbia business school, are Harvard business school, NYU business school, Stanford business school, Yale business school, Wharton business school etc.