Come Elections…

With the elections at the Delhi University today, for the past few days, campaigning has been on the high. Candidates and their supporters are trying many ways to convince the general student audience to vote for their leader. Yes, but the means used to communicate their message, according to me are the root causes of serious troubles being faced by the students and teachers alike.

As I was wandering about the lanes of the north campus, on my way from Miranda House Back gate to our favourite Nirulas, I saw something that left me in utter shock. In front of the NSUI, the road was under the debris of posters and papers of our candidates lying shamelessly, unattended. Rickshaws and cars, and even regular walkers like me, could not do anything but to walk over those picture pretty faces of those young students who will stand in elections this year. Even certain cars had huge posters pasted in a ghastly manner on their window panes.

If you walk along this road a little longer, to the metro, you see paper posters being torn off by a certain ‘someone’ who is against the party. These tattered bits of paper occupy the whole of the pavement, we students walk on. At the area near the metro station, we see students handing out plastic coated cards of parties like ABVP. My question lies to the reader of this article, what is the point of all this? Why are we walking down the same lane as used by our political leaders?

Initially, I used to laugh at the plastic flags used by congress or BJP leaders, which are used as a decoration, to welcome any eminent person. The idea of using things made up of plastic, when newspapers are full of notices like “say no to plastic bags”, seemed pretty hilarious. But when students themselves choose this path to make their points clear, then where the country is heading under the name of environmentalism, can be left for you to imagine.

Since school days we are being taught that it is important to conserve paper or recycle it; to use plastic to the bare minimum. But where has our knowledge given by those school teachers gone? Why are we being so ignorant?

We students should set examples to our leaders. How we can have elections in a clean and unbiased manner. It is because we youth in turn define our society as well as our nation. These small things do in reality matter a lot. In this present age when there is so much discussion on global warming or saving the environment, we need a leader who can take care of this issue as well.

Shambhavi Sharan

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