Comment on a Societal Practice that You

“Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution?”

Marriage, I thought was an individual’s choice… but what happens when it comes out from the realms of these choices and become a social obligation and sometimes life saving grace..? Does it still remain a sacred institution which one lovingly accepts or simply becomes a symbol of acceptance in society?

With these questions, if I see marriage, it is a societal practice of which one becomes part of willingly and in other cases unwillingly.

So who makes nuptials a societal hammer?


To quote our respected elders, “it is a community’s way of telling you to fall in line and take responsibilities”, however justified it may sound, forcing it is still not reasonable as individuals in question are not fourth graders, they are well grown adults who can very well take the decisions of their lives. It is not a one-dayprocess, it is a decision which defines and designs the fine contours of one’s future. Besides, man is a social animal; he needs a companion who can share his life with him. So the managers of society thought what could be better than allotting a dedicated person to every individual to fulfill all the emotional, physical desires of our race in a more civilized manner. We agree.

But today the scenario has turned around 360 degrees. If a person doesn’t marry, he or she is considered a deviant or sometimes looked upon with sympathy for some reason. People safely assume that the person has some incurable physical ailment and if there’s none, then he MUST have some ‘socially acceptable’ reason to reject this moral idea! And you CANNOT just escape by speaking the simple truth,” that you don’t want to get married just coz you don’t want to! I mean why is it so difficult to accept this? And, specifically so for a women. If a woman doesn’t tie a knot, the society will not let her live a normal life. It is unfortunate but she would be looked upon as an open door, and expecting respect would be a like a farfetched idea for her unless she is some business tycoon or heading an influential position.

So what does one do in such a situation? Just get married for your own good even if it means risking your dear life with an incompatible person, who might destroy your vision of happy life forever? Or fight, because after all you only get life once and this society wouldn’t care one bit if you were standing in queue with your ‘socially acceptable’ legal partner, who indeed saved you from societal pressures but has otherwise made your life hell, to file for a divorce.

It is true that not everybody gets lucky in love, so chances of living with a dream companion are very similar to winning an I Phone in a lucky draw.

Marriage is a beautiful thing. Let’s not take make it a horror of our lives.

Shreya Aggrawal