Commercial Convection Ovens

A lot of hotels have been using commercial convection ovens in their kitchens lately. The commercial convection ovens are highly beneficial. There are two kinds of commercial convection ovens , the gas commercial convection ovens and the electric commercial convection ovens.

The commercial convection ovens circulate heated air within the cavity of the oven. These use the basic phenomenon of convectional currents. The heat dispersal is done by an internal fan located generally at the rear end of the commercial convection ovens.

Commercial convection ovens take lesser time to cook, they pre heat faster, they require much lower heat to cook thereby reducing the risk of burning it.  These are far more efficient and give better results.

These provide great ease to the chefs and cooks of large hotels joints. By using these kind of ovens the cook can spend lesser time cooking it thereby reducing the time spent in serving the order of the customer. By doing so, the reputation of the restaurant also increases and the service of the joint also gets a good name.

Commercial convection ovens are a little more expensive than regular convection ovens but the extra price is worth it. These ovens will buy you time and energy. They will require lesser energy to as they require lower heating temperature to cook food.

The electric convection ovens use electricity to generate heat and drive the convection currents of the oven whereas the gas convection ovens need gas to heat the filament to provide the convectional current. The gas convections can adjust to different temperatures and pre heat faster than the electric counter parts.

These ovens are marvelous and the people who use them can vouch for them. It is a great buy for those who are planning to start up their own restaurants.

Various companies manufacturing commercial convection ovens are Vulcan convection ovens, Hobart convection ovens, Viking commercial convection ovens, Southbend commercial convection ovens, NSF convection ovens etc.