Commercial Leaf Vacuum

A commercial leaf vacuum is the most efficient and reliable product when it comes to clearing off huge areas covered with leaves and light snow. The commercial leaf vacuum comes in many forms such as the walk behind leaf vacuum, pull behind leaf vacuum, backpack leaf vacuum, handheld leaf vacuum etc. A strong commercial leaf vacuum can collect upto 320 gallons leaf debris and shreds the mulches to create more space that makes it easier to store and then later to dispose off. Another form of commercial leaf vacuum has a bag attached to the vacuum which collects all the leaves and debris and is later disposed off. Another form of commercial leaf vacuum is the one which collects the leaves and debris from the ground and passes them on to the truck it is attached to. These kinds of blowers are usually used in golf courses and other related places which involve massive areas. The handheld and backpack commercial leaf vacuum aren’t as effective as the previously mentioned blowers but are effective and advantageous in their own ways. The handheld commercial leaf vacuum usually comes packed with a powerful blower and also a shredder. These blowers can be taken to the tightest of the places where using any other commercial leaf vacuum might be a problem. These blowers are light and thus can be carried around easily.

Most of these commercial leaf vacuum (‘s) run on either gas or fuel as they require a lot of power from the engines. On the other hand, the electric commercial leaf vacuum is not as powerful and cannot ne used over a huge area as one might just fall short of the wire. The best leaf vacuum mulcher in my opinion is the Honda leaf vacuum. Some of the other commercial lawn vacuum and commercial leaf blower companies are Billy Goat vacuum, Rednex vacuum etc.