With approximately 800 days to go for the Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi. India is pulling up its socks and trying hard to be at par with the other nations. Athletes such as ace shooter Abhinav Bindra, boxer Vijendra kumar and wrestler Sushil Kumar, who won accolades in the recent Beijing Olympics, have heightened the expectations of the people of India and the forthcoming commonwealth games are now being touted as one of the major events in the history of India, not to forget the enthusiasm of the people associated with it…

There are 17 disciplines designed for the Commonwealth Games, some of which are Aquatics, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Squash and Weightlifting. All the athletes are being provided with exuberant physical preparations. The games have so far attracted numerous amateurs as well as professional athletes. The players participating in the games will be recognized on the basis of their feat in the previous games like Asian games 2006, commonwealth games 2006 and Olympics 2008.The sport persons are being trained under special Long Term Development Plans who are constantly in talks with the National Sports Federations to provide the required assistance on the basis of the previous records and the doable targets. For this, the stronger sections have been identified and are being given more consideration and the required inputs. A very methodical loom has been adopted likewise the four year roll- on plan with which a continuous training will be provided to all the athletes and the required assistance in all major fields of sports. Under such four year plans, athletes are even provided with psychological training in order to face the mental challenges, to avoid any kinds of disruptions, the pressure of performing under difficult circumstances and are made proverbial with the elementary skills involved in the tasks. For a country or say economy such as ours, where there are so many divisions to be pondered upon, the sports arena is conveniently ignored. A major evidence was seen in the recent Olympics where athletes such as Abhinav Bindra had to rise in the field on their own terms. But in spite of such hurdles, our country has evolved as an enhanced sporting nation. Infact, a lot more is being done to encourage the players to take part in the various sports events.

With the onset of the 2010 Commonwealth Games, trends have changed a lot.

Sports such as hop-skip and jump which were shoved in the backburner are now being revived. Major attention is being given to those activities that would provide physical training at an age, when physical exercises are not only essential for health reasons but also to earn and run an economy, thus fulfilling two targets at a time. Earlier, weight lifting was seen as an activity that caused back injuries but now successful treatments and preventions have been found to thwart them. Around 6.61 billion has been spent on the physical training of the athletes. The Government is felicitating the athletes who proved themselves as promising athletes. A request has also been made in order to provide the needy athletes with pensions. Earlier the commonwealth games were looked upon as an ordinary event but now government has promised not to leave any stone unturned for the augmentation of our athletes. Statistics predict an attendance of 5000 athletes in the forthcoming games. Along with financial assistance and physical training, athletes will be supplied with ultimate soothing comforts. They will be made to stay in luxurious hotels with a magnificent relaxing environment. Doesn’t it sound great, infact amazing? It is a proud feeling to watch our country developing in every possible aspect and hopefully we will receive more of rave reviews in the coming years and I am sure there shall be no complaints by the athletes in terms of any assistance. It is great to see the coming commonwealth games as a turning point for India as a sporting nation. Cheers to India!

Shelly Mahajan

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