Commonwealth Games 2010: Where is the Spirit?

With the commonwealth games right next door, and Delhi getting all cleaned up for the participants with apartments and stadiums being built, there is a hypocrisy that has very surprisingly not hit us yet. Do we, as Indians, who don’t even know about each local sport played in our country, have the right to acknowledge international sportsmen?

There are innumerable sports like Kayaking, Kabbadi, Korfball, Sepak Takraw, Bandy, Floorball, Lacrosse etc which haven’t ever been even heard by people, including the “well read” ones like you and me. Even I had to look up the Wikipedia to search for the relatively “local” sports of India. But the point that has been made here is not about the awareness we people have, but it’s about selective publicity of sports. There is a general trend that has been observed in sports, that the ones which are played in other sports and are known in other countries, are the ones which are given their due publicity, exposure and encouragement in India. However, my logic and rationality fails here to understand the reason for the same. Do we lack the courage to make our sport international by encouraging people in it, or are we too lazy to an amalgamation of both. We are scared to take the road less travelled.