Communal Politics

Political parties can be broadly divided into three forms: the right, the left and the middle. The right parties, as per the critics, follow the path of majority religion appeasement.  Whereas, the left parties follow the path of communalism. The middle parties don’t go either way. India, the world’s largest democracy, has all the three forms of political parties.

Communal politics is the politics based on religious grounds for attaining short-term selfish goals. India has been tormented from the very idea of communal politics since time immortal. It created havoc in the form of partition. India was partitioned on religious lines because of the wide spread resentment created in the minds of Muslims by the Muslim League. But, the hysteria created by communal politics vanishes in no time. The Muslim League disappeared from the political arena soon; a Party which created a country did not survive longer than a decade.

In the 80’s a new wave of political statistics came in the forefront. BJP started calling itself messiah of Hindus. Also, the circumstances happened to help the BJP. Hindus were quite annoyed by the minority appeasement policies of the ruling Congress. BJP sensed the political scenario and started luring the majority Hindu community with its Ram Mandir campaign. The result was the demolition of the Babri Masjid followed by countrywide communal riots, killing thousands of innocent people.

So, is the BJP only to blame for the communal politics?

No, BJP alone cannot be blamed for the rise of communal politics in India. The short-sighted minority appeasement policy of Congress vexed the majority community. Adding fuel to it was the introduction and implementation of the Mandal Commission. Also, many regional parties like Akali Dal, Shiv Sena, Samajwadi Party and others were created on religious lines. Their main political motto till date is to create hysteria and follow a path of animosity.

Did the country gain anything from the communal politics?

No, instead of gaining, the country suffered economically and emotionally due to the increased hatred among its citizens causing many riots in the name of religion and community. Many innocent countrymen lost their life.

It’s true that the communal parties may succeed in creating a mass hysteria but it soon gets discredited and diluted. No amount of efforts can revive them. Their followers are deserting them and their vote bank is getting lost in the mist. Politics in the form of hate cannot sustain for long.

Rachit Sharma

Word Rachit means “creation” and it truly defines him. He loves to travel and hates to sit around in the same spot for too long. He loves to try new things and take chances. And being a strict vegetarian he doesn’t like people slaughtering animals. Being the only child of his parents he’s bit tempered but that’s the way he is. His motto in life: Don’t waste your time in idly thinking, act on your ideas before it’s too late. Spiritual but not into idol worship, he’s an agnostic.

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