Communalism on rise in Orissa

From the last few days, a communal fire has been brewing up in Orissa. But Swami Laxmananda Saraswati’s assassination led to its violent eruption. It was confined to Kandhamal district only; later it spread to all the districts of Orissa.

VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) supporters in doubt that Christian community was behind his murder, started burning the Churches and killing innocent people and damaging their property.

India is well known as a Secular State where all communities live peacefully & share well-knitted connections. The act of VHP has brought shame to our country. In the name of Hindu welfare, they have targeted other religions which gives us nothing but conflict, tension and curfews. Preaching the name of your God, practising your religion is fine; but undermining other communities and their rights is certainly not done

It is not hidden that V.H.P is always in hunt for new topics to start a new controvery. Orissa riots are fresh examples of this. Its narrow-mindedness has been deciphered. A woman was burnt alive when an orphanage was set up on fire. What kind of protest is this?

Majority of people would agree on this point. Only because of these people, India suffers from a stale reputation in terms of communal fights.

If something is done, then a proper case should be registered & enquiry should be done. And why is our Government is not doing anything about this? When it comes for praising about their so-called achievements they boast and exaggerate.

Peace doesn’t come naturally. Efforts have to be made for it. It is sad that because of some unwanted ‘elements’ we are losing it. We must also not lose our senses. By keeping our eyes & ears open and being vigilant, we will know that all this is done for the sake of dirty politics.

Let’s not get swayed by these issues. Peace brings unity; unity is the power of a Nation.

Vandana Sebastian

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