Compromise – Has it become a Habit

I have a habit of observing. Every day, here and there I observe things, some
good and some not so good. And for sometime now I was contemplating if I
should pen it down, so today here I am sharing my thoughts with you over some
of the day to day activities, happenings and our behavior towards them.
I might be too small in age to comment upon this, but then age has nothing
to do with maturity.

We Indians including myself have some of the following characteristics which are
not so good and yet hardly anyone of us would accept this fact. Firstly, procrastination”
that is delaying things to the last moment. How many of us delay a report, a
meeting or other things related to work, school to the last date of submission
and then have sleepless nights the day before submission? The answer is
EVERYONE. This is one of the reasons for low productivity of Indians and still
we are ok with it. This is the first compromise!

Secondly, we Indians are “afraid to raise our annoyance”.
How many of us face small problems everyday like bad roads,
bad network, frequent call drops, garbage
here and there, someone in front of us who is not following the traffic rules,
someone giving bribe to the traffic police to escape a ticket, politicians and
bureaucrats given preference in queue of temples, etc? What do we do about
it? The answer is “absolutely NOTHING”, and our excuse for doing so is “the
system is only like this”, “what can I do? I am single and powerless in front
of them”, “let it be whatever is happening, how it affects me anyway?” Always
remember “no one can put you to misery without your consent”, therefore we only
are the reason for our suffering today.

Each and every one of us have the above mentioned thoughts at some point of the
time or other, and because of these thoughts we restrain ourselves from taking any
action! Because of the repetitive nature of such activities, and we not taking
any action on the same it has become our “HABIT”.

We need to ask a few questions to ourselves “why do we think we are alone? Why
don’t we understand that the problems we are facing millions of others are also
facing? Till when are we going to compromise with anything less than the best?
When are we going to change? What are we going to do about it?

The answer lies within us! We just have to put our step down; each and every one
of us has to make an effort big or small to curb this problem that lies before us.
We just say to ourselves that the system is like this only. We think what our
little steps or efforts would do? But we fail to understand that “even if we
have to walk a thousand miles, at some point or the other we have to take the
first step”. The first step should be to bring a change within ourselves, do
what is the “right thing”. At first it would be difficult as we would follow
and do what is right and others won’t and it can be frustrating but with a
little determination and awareness we can outnumber them who don’t follow the
rules etc. because of whom we face all these problems.

Why should we drive on roads full of pot holes and man holes?? Why it takes
years and years to build a single road?? We pay our taxes regularly but we don’t get
the value for our money paid because of the corrupt politicians and government
officials are busy minting big bucks out of the money to be used for our
welfare! We shall file a letter to the department under the RTI Act, 2005 to
tell us the reasons for delay and what steps have been taken to complete the
roads on war foot. We shall agitate by filing a complaint on the municipal
corporation for the inconvenience caused to us by these bad roads and claim
damages for loss. All these corrupt politicians and government employees must
be chucked out right away who have made our lives miserable and are enjoying on
our money like parasites.

How many times it has happened that because of one person who didn’t follow the
traffic rules and went in wrong lane or something there is a massive grid lock
and we all are stuck in it for hours? How many times it has happened that
because of someone not following traffic rules you had to miss upon the signal
and had to wait for it to go green again? How many times has it happened that
there is an ambulance or fire brigade vehicle blowing siren and some
uneducated people just won’t pull up their vehicle to the side and let the
ambulance or fire bridged go? People need to be educated that there is an emergency;
someone’s life is at stake! Wouldn’t they have moved to the side had there been one
of their relatives in that ambulance or their house was on fire?? We need to stop being
self centered and start thinking of society as a whole. We need to
understand that there are other people also, their time, their life, etc
holds equal importance. All the TV channels and FM radio
stations etc. should take up this initiative and urge people to follow
traffic rules religiously so that traffic moves in harmony and everyone is at

Why should we live in a locality where there is litter everywhere? Why Municipal
Corporation doesn’t clean the garbage box every day? For what are they taking salary
if they are not carrying out their day to day activities?? “Isn’t all
this garbage which is not cleaned for days spreading all kinds of diseases?”- Do
they care? They know whether they work or not they would get their salary,
because their jobs are confirmed and no one would take any action against them.
We need fresh blood in government departments who are sincere and understand
the value of work being carried out seriously and in a timely manner and who are sincere.
Why should we have frequent call drops? Why can’t the service providers provide us
with congestion free network? Why can’t they develop the infrastructure before
longing for millions and millions of users? Because they know that we won’t
do anything about it, as cell phones have become an indispensible part of our lives.
Life comes to a standstill without cell phones. Didn’t the world
function when there were no cell phones? Didn’t people communicate when there
were no cell phones? Why have we made it such an integral part of our lives?

That we can’t even move a step forward without it? That our lives are paralyzed
without it! We all should at least one week in a day restrain from use of cell
phones completely. Believe me I have done it and the experience was nothing less
than wonderful. Life was much peaceful and I had all the time in the world for
so many activities in life. Coming back to topic iPhone 4 users filed a suit
against Apple and AT&T over reception problems. Did anyone of us think about
it? Why? The answer is very simple because they don’t have a habit of compromising,
they can’t settle for anything less than the best!

It is high time Indians! We all should take a pledge today that no matter what “we
won’t settle for anything less than the best, we won’t compromise upon any and
I mean anything”, we would raise our voice without fear or second thoughts
against what we feel is happening wrong and believe me when we have this
mindset then only can we have better facilities, better roads, better locality,
better services, etc. and then only our country can become a developed nation
of which we all dream but don’t take any step towards this dream.

Therefore I urge each and every one of you that from today do what is he
right thing to do. Follow all the rules, demand what you deserve, raise
your voice against ill practices, don’t be afraid to put your point may
it be in front of anyone and see the change in the world that we live in.
See the change in the people around you, see that you are not alone who wants
a better life! See that others would also join you, because everyone wants
to do the right thing but no one wants to be the first to start it.
So let us each one of us be the one to take a first step in whatever way we can,
no matter big or small. Inspire others to join you or start up something else.
Take this step with me towards a better life!

Aayush Chopra