Confessions of a Saleaholic

It was a rather lethargic day as I was scrolling up and down going through the newsfeed on my Facebook page. A few seconds later a status update from my friend reading LAST DAY OF MONSOON SALE TOMORROW appeared on my screen. She typed the entire thing in capitals so we knew it was legitimate. I smiled and pressed the “Like” button without a second thought.

Within a few minutes my friends andre I were talking about when and where to go shopping. My friends and
I were shopaholics and around this time of the year we were definitely saleacholics. We basically enjoyed the atmosphere built around the whole idea of a sale. We all decided to meet at 1 PM the following afternoon..morning.

Being the punctual person that I always am, I arrived at the department store on time. As for the rest of my friends, they decided to be fashionably late. Just as we had expected, we found the store packed with a myriad of people diving into heaps of assorted items. The funniest pair of people had to be a mother and
daughter duo. The mother would pick up outfits or shoes and announce to everyone that she had selected those items.

The daughter would barge her way through the crowd from the other side of the store. There was another boy who has all sorts of electrical appliances hanging out of his body. He was bobbing his head to whatever music was playing in his ipod. He seemed oblivious to everything that was going on around him. He just held the bag while two other girls we filling it up.

There were four of us in total and we knew the trial rooms would have an indefinite line flowing throughout the store so we decided to split up. Two of us agreed to wait in the trial room line and the other two would hunt the store for clothes. My friend and I choose to find the extraordinary goods. My friend
and I took a while to load our bags provided by the store. We picked out everything from shoes to hair accessories! After we were done with selecting all the items we met up our friends waiting in line so we could try out all the clothes. There were about ten to fifteen people ahead of us in the line and it seemeds to be moving in an infinitesimally small pace.

After we actually got into the trial rooms, each of us surveyed ourselves critically in the mirror, came out and looked at each other’s reaction to see what everyone thought of it. As simple as that sounds, this
process is very time consuming but being a girl, I enjoyed every moment of it. As we walked out of the store we looked at our receipts and agreed that we got much more than what we bargained for! We were all so happy with our shopping experience!

Once I came back home I proudly displayed everything I had bought to my mother. I walked out of the room exclaiming that their clothes looked much better in the trial room! My mom said, “So you’re not happy with the stuff you bought?”
To which I replied, “Oh well, at least they are on sale!”

Sprutika Battu