Confessions of a Rambling Mind

MediaI walked out of the movie hall after watching a nonsensical Farah Khan movie (I was dragged to it, in my defense). A journalist thrust a microphone in my face and asked me the most ridiculous question, ” Old guns or young ones?”, confused and stifling a yawn, my mind already numbed by the stupidity of the movie I had spent 3 hours of my life, never to be get back, I said very bravely, “None! Guns are bad, should be banned. Guns what are they good for?” A blank stare from the other end told me I had blundered; this was not about guns at all.

My mind raced could this be about; the Emergency in Pakistan or was it 1-2-3 Nuke deal, or worse was it about the writers guild strike, I miss Tonight’s Show with Jay Leno, while I drifted off, the wannabe from an equally wannabe video based website said he was asking about Cricket!

This time I did not hide my yawn, yawned openly into the camera. What was Cricket good for anyway! Before lynching me, please hear me out, I am not unpatriotic, I love my country, I adore the game.

I believe there are too many matches being played these days, the debate, if the younger generation should be played or do we need the older more experienced players, has been done to death!!

No more please!!!!

The media loves sound bytes, the juicy tidbit, which they can play in an endless loop to amaze the viewers. But we as a society have become so shallow, that the apparent rivalry between Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Farah Khan is worth two long hours in the prime time spot. Or the latest gift Saif Ali Khan bought for Kareena Kapoor is so interesting that every one from dime-store shrinks to trade pundits have opinions and an advice.

I wonder if some on would come up to ask my opinions on a local civic issue- the water problem maybe, or about the Nandigram conflict or something of global importance, like the mass genocide by the United States in Iraq. There are as many starving people as there were people in India a generation back. Why are these topics absent from the “Khaas Khabhar” section?

Let’s initiate a change, motivate ourselves to act instead of reacting. The media can inspire, inspire people to be innovative thinkers, encourage people to tap into their own creativity and confidence, try new things, to challenge the status quo, to make new discoveries.

Let us snap out of the unnecessary banter about celebrities and sports stars. How about breaking out from the mould of mindless entertainment?

Let’s grow as a nation, as individuals!

On a totally unrelated subject- How about this Roger Federer? He wins again!!!

Patanjali Pahwa