Confused Party of India (CPI)

Last week I picked up a copy of the Hindustan Times. Reading the counterpoint written by Vir Sanghavi actually made me wonder how are our leaders framing an influencing our opinions. Once an American journalist wrote that media is a tool which can be actually exploited to propagate hidden ideological messages. We have witnessed this in the past; be it the former Soviet Union or the Republic of China’s closed media. How well people package ideology, and wrap them in sugar coated words!


The general secretary of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) (CPI-M), Prakash Karat is a person of principles and believes in hard core ideology. He is a person who never wanted power, so can his stand on a particular subject and his intentions on his party’s ideology be questioned? This is one question we all have in our mind. According to Vir Sanghavi, he is a person who is not power driven and a personality which is hard to find in today’s political scenario. But the question which comes up now, is that how blinded can a person be when it comes to his ideology that he is not open to anyone else’s opinion?


The reason the Left is giving for withdrawing support from the N-deal is the suspicion on USA which, in the end is a capitalist country. They are saying that we should not bend in front of the U.S. But if the same offer would have come from our neighbor communist country China, would they be reacting in the same way?


The Tarapore nuclear station is running short of fuel, our neighbour china is just a great wall away from us, ready with their nuclear fuel. Our other neighbour Nepal just entered the communist era. In a situation like this, what would a nation do? Bend down its decision of signing a contract which has been pending for the past one and a half years, succumbed under the pressure of local politics or keep the long term profit in mind?


Another aspect that will erupt if the N-deal is not signed between the two nations is the reputation of India. For the international community, India has always been projected as a nation which remains standing strong where its decisions are concerned.


The only question which arises here is the double standards of the Left on the issue of development. When it came to the SEZ problem in Nandigram they supported it. So what happened when it came to India? It is like saying we want a developed state in a developing nation.


If an ideology hinders the path of development and betterment of a nation is it the ideal thing to follow? What people need to do is look through things and not take them by face value. The need of the hour for our nation is to sign the nuclear deal because we do not want to stand helpless and unarmed when the world around us is well prepared. It is time we come out of our small pond and come out prepared to defend ourselves in the large ocean.


Aakanksha Ahluwalia


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