Congress Wins Votes and Hearts

In a not-so-surprising victory, the Congress won by an overwhelming majority with the UPA garnering 260 seats in total. In fact the Congress alone won more seats than the whole of NDA put together. The Congress’ victory in these polls reflects the trust and faith shown by the voters in them. In fact, the 43 million young voters clearly voted for a younger leadership thereby promising a brighter tomorrow.

After an extensive promotional campaign, the BJP has failed to come back in power, and has suffered a miserable defeat. It was probably because the people of India looked forward to a younger and tolerant leadership and not a hard core Hindutva communal force to come to power.

The UPA had a clean sweep in Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kerala and Delhi, with exceptions being Bihar and Karnataka. In Uttar Pradesh, it did much better than last time, and Rahul Gandhi’s strategy of taking on UP alone seems to have paid off. Startling revelations during today’s counting has revealed an absolutely evanescent influence of Mayawati on UP and her inability to even retain the seats that she had garnered last season. A recluse Jayalalitha shied away from media and speculators as the AIADMK lost out on precious votes in Tamil Nadu. West Bengal saw the Trinamool- Congress alliance sweep votes, clearly reflecting what the voter stood for.

Earlier in the day, the BJP conceded a defeat and gave out a press release stating their agendas as to reviewing the causes of this “unexpected performance”. In states like Rajasthan and Gujarat too, the BJP was unable to impose their charismatic spell on the common man and the all important star of the season- the youth.

Rahul Gandhi is being credited as the master blaster of the Congress Innings, having travelled extensively and proving his mettle ‘on field’. His ascending to the Cabinet has been given a positive nod from the able and deserving PM Manmohan Singh.

The Left has stated bluntly of its discontentment with Congress led alliance and has maintained that it would form the non-congress opposition as in the pre-poll scenario. However, Congress led UPA may now be receiving attention by SP in the light of meeting a minimum mark for a coalition.

All the young faces of Congress have emerged victorious in their constituencies… Milind Deora, Jyotirao Scindia and Sachin Pilot to name a few, are basking in the triumph of their parties’ landslide emergence. Even Omar Abdullah has expressed his delight for the Rahul led Congress campaigns. The youth finally lends its voice to some of the most able representatives of the nation.

It is true that Congress went through tough times, with the 26/11 and the recession hanging over it, but it has emerged victorious with its well-planned strategies and a young leadership to support it. Moreover, it promises to be a collected party which will unify the nation in times like these, and not quite the opportunist playing divisive politics which the NDA is notoriously infamous for.

The next five years of the Congress term is crucial for Rahul Gandhi to be honed as a Prime Ministerial candidate, and clearly he is going to be contesting for the top chair in the next elections. Congress really has to do justice to this faith to continue to remain in power for years to come. It truly is the Indian Voter who has emerged decisive and dominant in Election 09.