Conjuring 2 Trailer Will Make You Sick In Your Guts


Another sickening tale, straight from the world of the rancorous undead, comes to haunt you this June. Touted as the most-documented case in the files of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren – and in supernatural history – this one is about a family of five, haunted by malevolent spirits in London.

Investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren travel to northern London when a single mother and her four children seek their help in warding off supernatural entities.

“This is my home, get out now” – a raspy old voice issues an ominous threat in an audio clip, in the opening scene. The Warrens are seen discussing a case with a catholic priest, who tells them the voice is coming from an 11-year-old girl.

In this dark trailer, the visibly-disturbed Warrens travel to London to reach out to a family that frantically needs their help. Lorraine is heard admitting that there isn’t much that rattles the couple, but this case – that is being called as England’s Amityville Horror – still “haunts” her.

The trailer has every element that will to jolt you out of your skin. It takes you on a ghoulish ride where everything seems unpredictably-macabre and punishing. You would want to de-board this creep-express, but the more you cringe, the stronger it pulls. The scenes will etch themselves on your mind, long after the trailer is over, and if you are a horror freak, you are going to relish it.

From what we see in the trailer, the James Wan-directed movie looks promising. Wan plays on emotions, entwining them with the horrors of the paranormal. A little girl struggles to keep herself from a spiteful spirit that wants to take refuge in her body. While some you may compare the trailer with yesteryear horror flick The Exorcist, it is certain that this one is juicier and more bloodcurdling.

There is a lot of ghostly drama, a defining jump-scare that gives the trailer its encore moment, familial tensions (courtesy: Warrens’ terrifying friends from the other side), a lot of spine-chilling moments and terrifying premonitions. The makers have retained the original cast and Warrens’ daughter makes an appearance too.

All horror-film lovers must have a go at this one, and we dare you to watch it alone, at night.

Prerna Mittra

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