Considering Adoption

I was quite upset when I came to know that a close friend of mine and her husband found out that it would not be possible for her to give birth to any children. My friend came to know that she had medical problems when she and her husband decided to have a child. After this discovering the two of them were devastated and went through a lot of main in the coming months. It was then that they decided that they would like to adopt a baby.

The two of them were very concerned about adopting a child from the same country as they had heard of stories where the birth parents come and take back the child after a number of years. Though such cases are quite rear they did not want to take any chances and wanted to avoid any chance of them having to deal with this situation in the future.

So they attended a series of seminars and workshops on international adoption. They even met an adoption agency and initiated the process for adoption. Adopting a child from a different country is quite difficult. At times it can even end up costing more than the costs involved in adopting in the United States, as one might think. For example, it may in the end more money than they cost in the United States. Adopting a child from an outside country also involves some restrictions.

The company of my friend’s husband offered to support the process by offering $ 3000 as aid. However even that was not enough to take care of all the expenses and attorneys’ fees. Though it may seem unfair that the process of child adoption is such an expensive exercise but the way things work in the US adopting a child can cost you a small fortune.

They even applied for bank loan to be able to pay the expenses of the process of adopting a child. Fortunately for them the bank was extremely supportive and willing to give them the required amount. So they started the process of adoption. During the process they came across some strange requirements that a number of countries had.

Efforts for adoption continued to nearly a year before my friend gave up and decided that would adopt a child from a foster program.

So after nearly a year of efforts my friend was able to adopt her first child from a foster home and finally had the family she always wanted.