Container Vegetable Garden

A container vegetable garden is the answer to those gardening enthusiasts who want to plant a vegetable garden but are unable to do so because of the unavailability of land. Container vegetable garden allows you to grow plants and vegetables in containers without having to cultivate a piece of land. Just about any vegetable can be grown in a container. You can use almost anything as a container. Fruit basket, iron mesh basket, vegetable garden pot, plastic bag, bucket, flower pot, etc are some of the things which can be used as a container for growing fruits and vegetables. One of the things that need to be kept in mind while using these containers is that the container must have pores at the bottom to allow easy drainage of water. The vegetable containers should not be dark in color as dark colors trap a lot of heat which might affect the vegetable.

The only limitation a container vegetable garden has is that you can grow only a limited number of plants in every container. You can use these containers either to grow one vegetable or a variety of vegetables depending upon their properties and requirements. Vegetables such as tomatoes, parsley and cucumbers can all be grown together as they require almost the same amount of water, sunlight and fertilization. A container vegetable garden can easily hold the cultivation of vegetables such as radish, carrot, some fruit bearing plants and lettuce as they do not require too much of space. The size of the container does not matter as it all depends on the cultivator as to how he can get the maximum out of his vegetable container garden.

It is always advisable to choose container vegetable seeds and peat based synthetic mixes which are specially created for container vegetable gardens to get the most out of the container garden. The synthetic mixes are created in a way that the plants get ample amount of air and water.

Create a container garden design just to get the feel of a natural vegetable garden.