Cool Hunting: An Unconventional Career Option

With the dawn of the 21st century comes change and modernity. The world has witnessed immense transformation. New and innovatiove ideas with a fresh and unique quality are continuously searched for. From the field of fashion to the lifestyle industry, predicting future trends is becoming increasingly significant.

Cool Hunting is a relatively new term, which refers to spotting and identifying the latest trends. It has introduced us to a whole new world of possibilities and explorations. It is the task of a new breed of marketing professionals, who observe and predict various trends.In these hard times of recession and economic downfall, Cool Hunting has opened up a whole new option for the job hunters.

It may consider different cultural outlooks as well as demographics. Eventually, the data is absorbed by large companies and taken forward. Another form of Cool Hunting is forming Focus groups. These groups provide direct insight into the thoughts and feelings of their target demographic, gathering information openly. For example, Cool Hunters may question or interview an individual from a particular target demographic about a current fashion trend.

Various locations are chosen as targets for Cool Hunting. They may be malls, museums or even the streets. Streets are considered to be extremely awarding in terms of diversity and trends. Cultures and ways of living have a lot to offer. Elaborate details are taken into account for every matter. The marketing professionals are able to promote their products in this way. A magasine editor is a type of Cool Hunter who observes trends before they are known to the common man, such as at fashion shows. They study the environment for inspiring looks that are fresh.

Cool Hunting as a career option is not only limited to the world of fashion, it also encompasses design, music, television, films, youth culture and computer gaming. It is an interesting alternate career path for the adventurous. It may be done online via the internet blogs or other methods such as practical surveys face to face with the consumer. This method challenges that of the Trend Forecasters. Trendsetters are looked towards for inspiration and insight by various Cool Hunters. These individuals later become undercover Cool Hunters, who secretly gather information and report their findings.

Cool Hunters gain the rare insight into what the future trends could be by simply observing and noticing their surrounding environment. This career path offers young prospective the chance to travel extensively and visit different cultures to gather information from. While walking down a road, one might just spot a particular color or form. Cool Hunting is definitely an emerging career option to look out for!

Shirin Khara

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