CORBY PLUS GT-B3410 (Samsung mobile)

I touch, I text, I do it all.’ it was the commercial in the television that literally kept me lure and I kept staring at the fascinating and variety of colors as if I had seen the most beautiful girl. Corby, colors by Samsung, was launched in India last year in the month of December and since then it has captured many eyes. Ever since I saw the commercial I kept browsing the internet to see when will it be launching in the country; and when it finally did, I wasted no more seconds and got myself a treat of CORBY PLUS. And believe me when I say, since then “I touched, I texted, I did it all”.

Samsung Corby Plus comes only in one color, metallic black with the one liner, ‘touch tap slide’. The credit of manufacturing this fashionable electronic gadget goes to Tianjin Samsung Telecom Technology Co., Ltd of China. Apart from being a fashionable gadget, it has a lot of feature in its store. It has lessened down the pain of scrolling the navigation button by introducing the feature of touch screen in it. One touch-tap and you can make a call, listen to songs and radio, edit and send messages, play fun games and even you can manage and keep your own memo with just a touch-tap. Not just it has the touch screen display but you can also slide it up and down.

Enhancing the features, the Samsung Corby comes with QWERTY keypad, making the typing of message easy and convenient. Gone on a tour and forgotten to take a camera along, have no worry since the handset comes with a camera of 2 mega pixel with 4xdigital zoom and you can click snaps at any hour of the day. Caught in a party and you suddenly have the urge to send e-mail? Corby Plus provides access to social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, MySpace and Friendster and you can even edit your party photos in Picasa, Flickr, and Photobucket. Some of the additional features of Corby Plus that makes itself outstanding from the rest are Bluetooth application, mobile tracker, voice recorder, Google services, GPRS, radio recording system, Quad Band GSM, 20 MB internal memory with external Micro SD Card slot (expandable up to 8GB), 240×320 pixel, 3.55 mm headset jack, music player; the list is endless.

You might say that all the above features are provided even in the other handsets, but in the rest you wouldn’t find it’s one of the most amazing features – Thesaurus. Ever since I got this handset, I am totally obliged to it because of this feature. I can brush up my vocabulary whenever and wherever I want, and can look up at any time I find myself stuck in understanding a new word. The phonetic, the use of words, synonyms and the grammar are all stored in the inbuilt Dictionary. If I am stuck in a meeting or get bored around and I feel like sneaking away, I can use the feature of Fake Call and get myself out of it. Life has become so interesting when I start using the QWERTY keypad for messaging, and every time I feel like leaving a text or two to my beloved or closed ones; in a way they are constantly reminded that I am thinking about them. Sometimes when I couldn’t fall asleep, I tune on to my favorite playlist and listen to the oldies which would make my mind free of all worries and take me to sleep. When I have early morning lectures, it would wake me up with its soothing but yet irritating alarm tone. In a way I am committed to my Corby Plus, it is my baby.

What do you actually see in a handset before you make a purchase? Is it the multiple and interesting features, touch screen display, loud stereo speaker, camera with a little bit of high resolution, GPRS, quality of videos, or fashionable yet something which you are able to afford? Search no more for Corby Plus-GT B3410 has all the qualities you need in one handset. Trust me, it will soon become your baby and would never want to leave it aside. ‘You can touch, you can text and you can do it all’.

Rexraman Rajkumar

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