Core Issue – not Core Committee Please!

Team Anna will be dissolved… Oh, no Team Anna still persists… But it will be expanded, re-structured, re-vamped and re-placed… The core committee members, the bloggers and buggers, are abusing each other, calling each other fascists and undemocratic and sadists and lunatic.. blah blah…

I, Sneha aka Anna (Main Anna Hu), couldn’t care less about whatever happens in this core committee, because all I care for is the core issue – Jan Lokpal!

Because I know, Anna is not any appointed or elected leader, he is a leader because I and people like me trust him, have faith in him, know that in past he has done some great work, and right now too he is continuing to do some great work! I accepted Anna’s leadership because I saw that whatever he did was not for him but for the country. He has put himself through pain, so that people like you and me can gain -a better future.

And I accepted his leadership, because he didn’t ask me to ‘follow’, but ‘imbibe’ and told me that if Anna is the Leader, then ‘You are Anna’, and that you should lead and Be the Change. Probably, the day I feel that Anna Hazare is not on the right path, I would simply withdraw myself. After all, nobody ever forced me to take to the streets, come to Ramlila, and nobody will come and ask me why you are not on the street again.

And similarly for the Team Anna – Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Prashant Bhushan. They are just some people who had done some good work in the past, and who are doing some good work now, therefore I extend my support to them. I trust their prudence, their experience, their fore-sight, their dexterity, their ingenuity. They are not any elected, appointed leaders, but just accepted, as Anna’s foot soldiers in this war against corruption. This Core-Committee was constituted just to manage the movement, get more brains for brainstorming, and get more hands for working. This is actually a sort of ad hoc committee, which exists today for demanding Jan Lokpal, and which didn’t exist yesterday and which may not exist tomorrow. If their credibility is put to question, then they owe me an explanation. And after they have explained, I continue to support them if I am satisfied; otherwise I always can simply withdraw. ‘India against Corruption’ is not any organization after all, of which you have a membership or entry/exit procedure into the campaign. It is an open call – come out if it appeals to you, if you feel it is worthwhile.

But what saddens me is that conveniently now the media seems to have sidelined the Jan Lokpal and the law related developments. I would want to read news about what is happening to the law in Standing Committee instead of what is happening in the core committee. I was disappointed that media didn’t make news with ‘substance’ and did not report the 34 amendments which Team Anna submitted to the Standing Committe, which is available in the public domain on their website. (Link- I can see through this plot to distract attention from Jan Lokpal and focus it on Team Anna instead. It is evident to us that it is a tactic to tarnish and trouble the Team Anna. And if they are really corrupt, then as they say – ‘ Bring Jan Lokpal to punish us through it, but at least bring a strong anti-corruption law!’

I end the article with a reminder to all that 22 November is fast approaching. If you don’t want Lokpal to be pushed into cold storage for another 42 years, then keep an eye on all the action this Winter Session!

Sneha Kothawade