Corked Blessing

Monday seemed so long ago. Sarah worked hard like most of the people around her. And this was a tiring week at the office, the current project was boiling eggs inside her head. Though, she liked it when she was always busy. The world was running, with men and women of her like, and she was not any far behind.

God gave her everything what she did asked for. A perfect bunch of friends, a perfect man, a perfect job, a perfect home and a perfect lot of money. This was what life was all about, but was this the end and why was she not happy. She always wondered.

The breeze through her office window brought those jingles they sang together, she looked at the sky and smiled. She was feeling her life getting sucked into a vortex of emptiness. She was missing the pats and hugs. She was missing the brownies he used to make for her. She was missing him.

A countryside trip and paragliding were some of the things on her list, but tonight she was going to their favourite place with her usual girl gang. The clock was seeming slow today, she packed an hour before and wished those hands moved faster, when it struck five she raced down the stairs and drove her car out of the parking lot and reached her place in a wink. She wore his favourite white dress sequenced with purple satin, she looked simple but elegant.

She drove at windspeed, she liked it. She reached the beach. The girls were a happy bunch, Sarah loved them. They danced around the bonfire singing crazy numbers, a little wine and good food helped. She was happy, she liked this completely but could not keep her mind of him. Somehow today was not her day.

She missed him more during her good times, she walked away along the shore where they had made castles together. The grains of sand kissed her feet, the layers of waves danced beneath. He seemed to be walking a few steps ahead, turning and waving her a good bye, the moonlight flattering his already perfect smile.

She wished for a fairy who could drop him back to her world again. She gazed at the stars, there was a strange silence, a tear rolled down her cheek.

She took a few steps ahead and stumbled on something, the waves had brought it just then beneath her feet. It was an old wine bottle, like the ones her father used to drink. It seemed strange, she opened the cork

A ring fell on her palm…memories flew past like clouds…how did it get in here…she wondered…

There was something else inside too, a crumpled note tied in loose threads…she opened it and read…
Dear Sarah,

Life gives us many things by chance and more things to choose,

Among them we know not when and where what we are going to lose,

But some people will never let you alone be,

And one among them is me!

PS: I threw this into the sea because you liked that tiny tot Peter’s doll more than this ring I gave on your twelfth birthday, I knew that lad is going be behind my daughter for all his life! If he ever ends up being your husband, tell him your father loves you more…always…and if you find this someday…ask him to put it on your finger and he better take care of my Angel.

“I love you”


Dad! Her heart eased, he never let her stay alone! Just then her phone rang, she picked up, and it was Peter.

“Hello Sarah, hope you are having a great time. I tried making some brownies, your Dad’s kinds, they are tasting good. It’s time we marry, now that I can cook! Come home soon. Can I keep you forever? I love you”

It was a perfect life indeed!


Raksha Bhat