Corruption Deeply Routed

From the last few months, in between all the news of Lok Sabha elections and cricket fever, from world cup to IPL the issue which took the most light was the fight against corruption. Non political leaders like Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev, Baba Nigmanand took different issues and demanded the ruling government to look into it, in this fight Anna Hazare found little relief when government passed the Lokpal Bill (Citizen’s Ombudsman Bill) but its progress is in doubt and as a result he is still struggling, Baba Ramdev’s health became a big concern so he had to quit his fast. But, Baba Nigmanad was the most unfortunate one; he fought till his last breath, only 36 years, he was too young to die. His issue was the illegal mining on the bank of river Ganga. But, neither the government of Uttrakhand nor the media took any notice of his fight until on May 12 when he was fast asleep, although his supporters are saying that he was actually poisoned.

Now, the question is why are they fighting? Rather I should ask for whom are they fighting? Party in opposition is not going to be benefited, neither are they going to get any personal benefit. Actually, they are speakers of citizens. When the “AAM ADMI”, the average man was struggling due to price hikes and saw the corruption in the form of the 2G spectrum scandal, Commonwealth games scandal, they found their leaders in Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev. ALTHOUGH, finance minister Pranab Mukherjee said that they are not the representative of citizens as they are not selected by the formal process of election, hence it is disrespect of the democracy to call them representatives of people. On this, Hazare said that democracy is not only elections, they are merely a part of democracy, and the citizens are above all. He wants to fight for the average man being an average man, not by becoming a political leader.

Most of the people must disagree with Mr. Mukherjee here, since it is not the first time that some non selected representative is fighting for a cause. Our democracy has provided freedom that every citizen has right to speak against corruption. During the last few years people raised their voice for and against reservation, demanded separate states, Jharkhand, Uttrakhand, Chhattisgarh are their results and many more. In all these struggles both political and non political leaders took part. In our long history we have leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, who always fought for the right of people but never became part of the then ruling government Congress, same as Jayprakesh Narayan who fought in Bihar and Gujarat in 1975, turned over the Congress government and formed the Janta party as the first non-congress ruling government. Leaders like Narayan, Lohia firstly became speakers of people, and then only they joined politics. That was the time when political leaders in white kurta payajmas were worshiped, now the time has changed since almost all the leaders have washed their hands in corruption. That is the reason people like social activists, yoga gurus had to interfere, although it is a fact that these representatives are not as strong and appealing as Mahatma Gandhi or Narayan were.

Anna Hazare had witnessed dirty politics, since; once the government said that they agree with the terms and conditions of the bill, but now they are stepping back by giving reasons in the name of democracy and constitution.

On one hand Anna Hazare has announced that he will go for an UNSUNG again on  August 16, and on the other hand Baba Ramdev has already declared that he will also go on a strike from Haridwar. Now, the question arises, is their fight strong enough to pull the necks of corrupted people? Of course they need people’s support, and citizens have shown their support in any way they can. Housewives, young people joined Anna when he took the ride of important places of New Delhi from Rajghat to Jantar Manter, joined Baba Ramdev in Ramlila Maidan. Facebook, Twitter was filled with status updates to show their support to these men. Hazare went on to the extent to call it a fight equivalent to the freedom struggle.

If something like this happens then government has to face the worse. BUT, as the situation shows it is difficult that the government is going to accept all the demands of Hazare and Baba Ramdev. Most of the people are asking “Is Anna demanding too much?” Baba Ramdev’s demand to bring the BLACK MONEY back to the country won’t be easy. If reports and news are trusted, then this black money belongs to none other than our politicians. Why will they make any agreement to bankrupt themselves? HERE, one thing is sure, that the fight won’t be easy. A lot of struggle and unity is required to find the antidote for corruption.

Kirti Singh