Corruption in India

The big scam! News channels are ready with this graphic everyday because there might be a new scam any day. The channels are not disappointed. Everyday a new scam is flashed as breaking news from the 2G scam to the Common Wealth Games scam. India stands ashamed of itself. The world looks down on India as a corrupt nation. No matter if the other nations are coloured in the same red.  But fingers point towards India. Since the 70s people are talking about increasing corruption.

The entire country knew that before Common Wealth Games the work will not finish. Even a rikshaw puller in Delhi predicted that. The only ones ignorant to this fact were the organising authorities. Then with just a few days to go for the Games no stone was left unturned to embarrass this nation. There is corruption everywhere from politics to medicine to armed forces to games.

Other nations are not corruption free. If you look at the almighty America even their hands are stained. The Subprime crisis in fact sank the world economy. The problem with India is that corruption is acceptable here.

From a clerk to an officer, from a school teacher to a politician, from a rikshaw puller to a journalist everyone at one point or the other indulge in corrupt practices. The icing on the cake is our weak judicial system. And the cherry on the icing is the ignorant population.

Even people who have fasted against corruption are not without ulterior  motives. According to a report published in Washington Post a fourth of the 540 members of the parliament have criminal cases pending in the court against them. From bribe to rape to murder cases are numerous. If this is the condition of the leaders of the country then the people are also going to follow them.

There is no fear of law. “tu janta nahi hai mein kaun hun’ often people say this at the scene of crime and more often they turn to be politicians , rich industrialist and so on. It is easy for them to dodge law.

In a country where people die of hunger it’s funny that many have Swiss bank accounts. The gap between the haves and the have nots is like the Grand Canyon. Soon it will be the depth of the Pacific Ocean.

There are many steps taken by the government to help fight against corruption like (RTI) Right To Information act. It is one of the biggest tools in the hands of public. But the big question here is who will bell the cat? Not many people understand it.

Our country is in dire need of self realisation of corruption. The next time you have to grease someone’s plams think twice. But it’s easier said than done.  We all think others will do it and let me get my work done. But the final losers are we the people of this country. The power of human resources is not hidden from anyone and time and again it has been misused in India.

The tide is high and something has to be done about it. The first and the foremost is to stop believing that work can’t be done without corruption.  Stop bribing your kids “if you get 90% you will get gift”. Don’t do it. This is not why we fought the battle of freedom for?

Uneasy is the head that wears the crown. If you want the crown of freedom then also shoulder the responsibilities with it. Let’s not leave it to someone who will sit on fast and get us justice. Let’s all do it at our levels. If we can’t stop paying let’s stop accepting bribes. Millions of drops make an ocean. To abolish corruption is not possible but somewhere some beginning can change some things.

Priyanka Gandhi