Corruption ka The End?

Money wearing Black! Slack! Without bees or wasps – ‘Corruption’ – is the buzzword. Right you heard. What is ‘corruption’? Never out of fashion. Can we define it? No treat. Aakhir ‘corruption’ kis chidiya ka naam hai? What say?

Anna and Baba vow to eliminate it from society. Oh goody! Once and for all! That’s tall. Is it doable? Double trouble. Will money leave the classic black and opt for the pristine white? Fight or flight.

Corruption = evasion of taxes. Culprits = the usual suspects. Netalog-policewallahs-businessmen! Ten on ten! Just like Baa, Bahoo aur Baby. But then all that fails to glitter can also be gold. Blow hot and cold.

“Maun-vrat” when injustice happens. ‘Coz “silence is golden”.

Violence, injustice @ homes, offices, marketplace, malls, public transports, roads. Already bored?

Teachers playing truant during exams! Have an egg with some jam. Better than traffic jam!

Doctors and bank employees following suit. Two hoot!

Transporters making their presence felt. Svelte!

Shenanigans of our men-in-black and of those who wield the microphone! Gone deaf stone?

Neglect and pull down achievers – as a society. Demo-crazy. It’s the beauty of crab mentality!

“Chai-pani” to a peon, clerk, nurse, ward boy, waiter or coolie? Hilly Billy.

Paying hefty donations to ‘book’ a seat in
engineering/medical/management institutes? Puss in Boots!

No tickets issued yet money changes hands. Sheer magic – sleight of hand!

When gender determination, infanticide and female foeticide happens? Two pence.

Of dowry and bride burning. No whining. India is shining.

Of rape and molestation – even by close relatives? Theory of relativity, silly! It’s all in the jeans you see!

So, even babies, toddlers, the middle aged and the elderly also “asked for it”? You bet, they did!

Swayamvar ahoy! Cast(e) away.

I could go on and on and on.

If honey is kept on someone’s tongue is it possible that s/he will not taste it? After all, why ‘waste’ it?

Chanakya – the Yugpurush (the timeless man) of Kaliyug – the age in which we live – warned against collecting taxes in large proportions. Governments should collect taxes like a honeybee – said he – which sucks just the right amount of honey from the flower so that both can survive.

There’s much to learn from the birds, the bees and the flowers, G!

“One must know the nature of beast before trying to tame it,” said the wise Mullah Nasruddin. To gain from his wisdom we should be keen.
Periodic brouhaha, TV debates = noise pollution. People with ‘funds’ should be induced to do something good for society. No hoity toity. No one-time grant. No rant.

Partner with remote villages and hamlets – build and maintain clean toilets for the residents and schools.

Build hospitals/health centers and sponsor the equipments, remuneration and medicines.

Provide fruits, milk and a boiled egg – daily – for the schoolchildren and nourishment for pregnant women.

“They” can do all this and more in their name or that of their forefathers’. The “costs” aren’t great but the benefits are. I swear!

Roshmi Sinha

An avid reader and book reviewer, she spent a few precious years in HR, before deciding to follow her heart. Author of the popular eclectic blog, “Musings of an Unknown Indian”, her thoughts do not cost a penny – they are priceless! She travels @ the speed of thought and has been mesmerized by the ruins of Hampi and the Badami Cave Temples. An unofficial green thumb – doing her bit for the environment – her world revolves around her babyshona. Her culinary skills are to die for. The delicious maggi, boiled eggs, omelets, tea and coffee bear testimony to that. Really!