Could Yograj Singh’s Curses Eclipse the Fate of the Gentleman’s Game?

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Though the World Cup tournament is over, the exasperation over Yuvraj Singh’s exclusion from the final squad hasn’t reached its end. While all cricket lovers sighed as they missed watching Yuvi play on the field, his father became rather vocal about his displeasure. In a fit of emotions running haywire, the ace all-rounder’s father, Yograj Singh vented all his frustration out on the team India’s skipper, Mahindra Singh Dhoni.

While giving an interview to a news channel, Yograj Singh saw no bounds as he went on cursing Dhoni. “There was a time when he had nothing but today he sits in front of media and rips off the media persons. He laughs at media who has given him so much hype. He laughs at the Indian people who clap when he scores a run,” he said in a statement. Discounting the achievements of the player, Yograj said, “Dhoni was nothing. He has become a God in cricket just because of media. Media has crowned him as a great which he never deserved.” Showing is immense wrath at Captain Dhoni, he commented that “Honestly, if I were a media person, I would have slapped Dhoni right there.”

Comparing Dhoni to Ramayana’s villain, Ravana, Singh predicted that Dhoni would also face a downfall much like Ravana, some day! Calling him “arrogant,” and one who “considers himself much above Ravana,” Yuvi’s father left no stones unturned in maligning skipper Dhoni’s image in the media.

As I write Yograj’s Singh’s much abhorred comments for Dhoni, I feel terribly ashamed to mark the demise of what was known as the gentleman’s game. Such mud-slinging at a player by another player’s family member is tad bit too puerile. Yograj Singh has been a cricketer himself, and such crass comments coming from a man of his stature is nothing less than shocking. Sledging in the field is something that can be still tolerated in the pretext that it was done in the heat of a moment. However, a parent cursing another player just because his son wasn’t selected in the team is unacceptable.

Dhoni, who usually went out to bat at number 4 during the World Cup final of 2011, the same year when India won the much coveted Cup, played at number 6 this time around. Criticizing him for this, Yograj said, “In the 2011 final, Yuvraj was going to bat but Dhoni stopped him and went to bat and became a hero. Why didn’t he bat at No. 4 this time? Why did he go at No. 6? If he considers himself great, then he should have batted at No. 6 and guided India to a win against the Aussies.” Ranting against him, Yuvi’s father stooped so low that he said, “There will be a day when Dhoni will be left to beg and become penniless and would not get any favour.”

Though Yuvraj maintains that he has nothing to do with what his father has said, I fear that such petty bickering could eclipse the fate of cricket in the nation.

Sangeeta Purkayastha

Image Source: The Viewspaper