Counter Encounter

The alleged encounter in Batla House, following the serial blasts in Delhi has raised a lot of questions which even after weeks of the incident remain unaddressed. Questions abound but answers are none. In an increasingly fascist leaning country what else can one expect?! If I sound cynical then I am sorry to say but that’s what all of this is leading me into, a moshpit of blood and gore, sordid tales of lives lost and people scarred. As a well known writer activist wrote, “Macabre is now normal”

Gunning down the mastermind of a terror outfit like Indian Mujahideen does not seem like the best of plans but that’s what the Delhi Police thought fit. Imagine the amount of information they could have sourced out from the deceased, had they caught him alive. The Police in this case instead of averting disasters (read bomb blasts) have tried to take the safest route by the encounter deaths, which has got dogged in controversies. The person who cleaned Atif’s body before the burial claims that there were numerous scratch marks on his back. Was it because after a scuffle between him and the policemen, he was killed? The Police also claimed that two people managed to escape which seems rather far fetched considering that the flat (L 18 Batla House) had only one exit point, which the police had covered. The whole area had been swathed with policemen so an escape does not seem plausible. Another piece of information which is confounding is that Atif and the other four members living in the flat had undergone a police verification only about a month back. The caretaker of the flat, a certain Mr. Rehman vouches having been present at that time. Though why would a dreaded terrorist go to the police just before the blasts is beyond me. Eyewitnesses have come forward to say that they did not hear any crossfiring and only the police had fired. They also broke flower pots around the flat which is definitely not what the Police should or would do during an encounter.

The death of Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma seems like a cover up job to lend credence to the whole encounter. Being an encounter specialist how is it that he was the only one not wearing a bullet proof jacket? Why were the autopsy and post mortem reports of his body not made public? What was the weapon responsible for his death, an AK 47 or a pistol?

If nothing the most unfathomable fact is that just the following week a blast happened in the Mehrauli market area. If indeed the Police had killed the kingpin of this terror racket then would it have happened?

Voices raising uncomfortable questions more often than not get silenced or drowned in melee. This too seems to be going in that direction as none of these issues have been unaddressed. The condition or the progress made by the Police with those nabbed too is not known. These are extremely significant pointers of not a secular democracy but a dictatorial government, which represses all opposition, propagating an extreme form of nationalism.
Niha Masih


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