Creating Women Empowerment Or Baby Hunger?


The 360-degree transition in the life of an educated and ambitious woman to a stay-at-home caring mom does not sink in easily in the psyche of the women of substance. How much sought-after position and passion is unwillingly washed off in the whirlpool of washing dirty nappies.

Unlike the earlier generation, they wish to achieve the best of both worlds, which seems nearly impossible with the juggling act of oozing dynamic energy required in each role. Various pitfalls of multi-tasking and balancing both family and work are evident in deteriorating women’s health, which most likely increases their frustration and outburst on either her children or husband.

As per an Open Forum study, comparing growth of firms led by men and women revealed that women-owned companies have been more successful than their male counterparts. A woman is considered more sincere and efficient at work. However, companies have to face the brunt of failing to retain high-potential skilled female personnel, who derail their careers and obliterate their ambitions after bearing children.

The saying “necessity is the mother of invention” is truly reflected in the novel initiative of Facebook and Apple. They will float an innovative perk for female employees to curb their wasted potential. Women can now postpone childbearing and concentrate on their career ladder by freezing their eggs. As per NBC News, Facebook began offering this novel medical breakthrough in January and Apple plans to launch it in middle of 2015. Facebook and Apple are willing to pay a cover of up to $20,000 to its female employees.

High-achieving women will now have an option to delay motherhood in order to pursue their ambitions without the lingering fear and struggle of age-related infertility.

It would also be beneficial for those who may not have found their Mr. Right in spite of crossing the marriageable age.

Egg Banxx is a chain of egg-freezing clinics. Experts require at least a total of 20 eggs for initiating pregnancy. The egg supply begins to dwindle with age.

However, the limitations of this medical feat are exorbitant price and non-assurance of a 100 percent success. Though oocyte cryopreservation, as the process is known technically, appears to be a boon to the modern woman, she may not realize that by delaying pregnancy by a couple of years, she may lose stamina, vigour and enthusiasm required in young mothers to rear her children. This method of “fertility insurance” fails to rope in the psychological impact on the mother making multitude visits to the clinic and subjecting herself to a battery of physical tests. The generation gap between parents and children will increase with the delay in motherhood, thus resulting in communication barriers.

Women would most likely ignore their biological clock and pin their hope for a child on an uncertain reproductive technology, squander her fertility until it would be too late for motherhood. The technology appears to empower women but will most likely slide like falling cards in her zest of achieving the best of both worlds.

As per “Baby Hunger” written by Sylvia Ann Hewlett, “I’m forever telling my women students – don’t be afraid of letting go of a half-built career. We are smart, well-educated and life is long. Career opportunities can be recaptured. Don’t waste that small window of fertility. Don’t live to regret not having had a child.”

She further elaborates, “But delayed maturity matters a hell of a lot on the child-bearing front. I know enough biology to understand that a woman is born with a finite number of eggs, and sometime in her late thirties or early forties begin to run out. No matter how great she looks, no matter how much she spends on fertility treatments, she cannot change that biological reality. Delayed maturity means that a whole lot of women effectively ’waste’ their window of fertility.”

Niti Tandon

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