Cricket and Me

I was attending a workshop in college about my goals in life. So i was asked what is that one thing you really, really wanted to do in life and all I could of think of at that moment was to Dine with Sachin Tendulkar. Every now and then there are people around asking me why is Sachin what he is on this day.

To answer this you have to understand the fact that Sachin is not a mere cricketer. He is a phenomenon. The amount of pressure on him when he comes out to bat is not even remotely comparable to anyone playing today. And when I say playing today its not only cricket.

Ronaldo has to live upto the aspirations of say 20 or a top 30 million countrymen and die hard fans combined.

Federer not even 10 million and speaking of Woods only a couple of thousands actually care for the game he plays and even less follow him with passion.

But when this 5 feet 5 inches TALL guy walks out, more than a BILLION voices cheer him more than 2 BILLION hands join to pray for him and for those ten seconds when he is walking from the pavilion to the pitch innumerable hearts across the world call out to him and wish him, salute him and pray that he scores a ton.

This stature, this respect, this dignity, this aura was not made over a night. If I say it took a lot of effort to create his mark then that would be an understatement. Dedication, perseverance, sincerity towards your work, ethics, morals – if all these qualities could ever be given to a human soul and body it would look like TENDULKAR.

To put behind your fathers death and fly across oceans to serve your MOTHER LAND and make her proud by winning a contest for her is a feat most people can’t even fathom.

There have been great words said about this Champion and all those words of glory have been proved right by his bat.

Wisden says He is the 2nd all time best batsmen I say He is the best.

Bradman (no offense a fantastic cricketer and a legend par excellence) with pressure but not like the one with Tendulkar plays. He gave people joy but not as much as Tendulkar gives ( I HOPE he gives us a lot more joy over many more years) . He made cricket a sport, Tendulkar made it a Religion.

All said and done the records posted by him might, just might be broken one day but the Honour earned by him can never be matched by another cricketer alive or still to be born.

To end “His life is like the game of cricket wherein he gets tons and also the rare ducks. He bowls ‘em over and gets them to bowl to him where he likes. He is a winner who makes sure that when he wins



And above all


Vikas Agarwal

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