Every Indian eats,drinks and sleeps cricket. Yes,it is the religion of every Indian. It is good to be sporty but harmful to be obsessed with a sport. The lines below will focus on how an obesession for a sport can be dangerous to an individual, to the society and to a nation as a whole.
“In 2003 World Cup, India and Australia were playing their final match. The next day I had my 10 th class boards.A ll day I was glued to the television set but couldn’t be glued to my answer sheet the next day, as I hardly had studied anything,” Rahul Naidu, a third year engineering student said.With gully cricket becoming more and more popular among students, they are loosing focus on their studies.
It is good to watch a sport but not at the cost of your future because only 15-20 students at any moment can depend on cricket for their livelihood and 99.9% of the total student population will get nothing, not even emotional pleasure(seeing the past few matches).
The most shocking news came last year when the nation’s GDP decresed by 5% because employees who were supposed to be working in their offices were sitting in their houses watching cricket. Sounds ridiculous! At the point where 21.8% of Indaia’s total population is still under poverty line, we cannot afford to let our economic growth fall. All this indicates nothng but a crazy festish for the sport. To add to all this is the ‘betting game’ the effluent take pride in. Lakhs and lakhs of money is wasted on guessing “who’s the winner”. The credit goes to cricket for making something like gambling sound so admirable.
Sports are played on international planes to bring about unity and friendship among nations. But how does one explain the slurring by palyers during India-Pakistan cricket matches? How does this help in cultivating friendship? And what about the T.V sets breaking in an outrage by supporters of the team that deos not win. Complete madness!Our nation has spent months discussing where the nation’s most loved sport is heading? Nothing new, we do this after every match and then get back with our own normal lives. But the time we spend pondering on the issue can be well utilised for the development of our ownselves and finally in the develepment of our country. Do not let cricket master you!!

Suhani Dewra