Crime Against Women: Let’s Stop It !

“Learn this now and learn this well , my daughter: Like a compass needle that points north, a man’s accusing finger always finds a woman. Always. You remember that, Mariam.”
From ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’


Two salesmen rape a 23 year old in Delhi’s Palika Bazaar, minor raped and murdered by her neighbor, school girl raped by her classmate, Swiss diplomat raped by two boys outside Delhi’s Siri Fort, gang rape of an MBA student in Noida, rape and murder of a young woman in a BPO in Bangalore; the list is endless.


These dreadful acts against women in Indian cities highlight their vulnerability, and statistics show that the national capital stands right at the summit of the mountain of such filthy incidents.


Why do women feel unsafe in moving in the city in broad daylight in public or private transport? Why do they have to go through the trauma of harassment, molestation, rape and murder? Why, in a land where the very men who worship goddesses, end up indulging in such monstrous crimes against their female counterparts? Why in a city which boasts of a woman chief minister, a country which boasts of a woman president, do women have a hard time convincing their parents and probably themselves, that they will be fine working at night? Is the situation so uncontrollable that nurses, female doctors, journalists and their likes will be asked to stop working?


The reasons for such crimes are manifold. The most important is the role of the society and the mindset of its people. If something happens to a woman, the assumption is that she did not follow the rules. Very rarely do women get any public sympathy or support. What we need are responsible citizens who realize the rights of women and respect them. The entire outlook of the society has to change- right from childhood teachers and parents should inculcate respect for women.


This situation can also be improved by providing better infrastructure in terms of better lighting in parking lots, underground subways, the state of pavements, trimming of trees etc. Recently, a number of women welfare associations have started conducting safety audits which essentially consist of walking through an area and assessing it in terms of safety for women. Needless to say, an increase in the number of educated and open minded policemen will be a positive step in this direction. And women themselves need to be smart and alert- they can enroll in self defense classes, carry pepper spray.


The real solution to the problem can be obtained by going back to the basics. It is the responsibility of the youth to be the torch bearers and lead by example to create an environment where respect for women comes in naturally; so that the present and more importantly the future generations are not troubled by such acts.


Even after 12 years of schooling (it does not matter whether one is an engineer or doctor), if one has not developed respect for women, respect for their freedom and right to live and move at their will ,then, the whole purpose of education is lost.


India needs to realize that violence against women is not just a “women’s issue”. Women constitute about 50% of the population. Let them live freely, work at their will, participate in social activities, and, you shall see India develop, progress and grow like never before.


Akanksha Tiwari

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