Why Illiteracy Can Never Cause Terrorism.

It is safe to say, that illiteracy causes terrorism only as much as literacy does, if not less. The reasons for believing so lie in the difference between literacy and education. Think a little, my fellow ‘literates’. Let’s face the truth; an illiterate person isn’t more likely to strike gruesome terror in the hearts of the citizens of a nation than a resourceful literate.

According to legit dictionaries, literacy is the ability to read and write. Now the same
dictionaries define education as the path to live a social life, or to paraphrase, education is a way to hone a certain set of skills in order to earn a livelihood and live a moral life.

Terrorism is defined as the use of violence and intimidation. In the literal meaning of the
word, a nanny who beats kids at a day-care is also a terrorist for the kids. To move on to a more worldly definition of a terrorist, that can be put forth as a sadistic person who follows a destructive pattern in order to achieve goals derived from his perception of justice on a mass scale. That said, I believe the nannies won’t be bothered now.

Terrorists are smart. Why else would it take the mighty United States of America almost a
decade to hunt and kill Osama Bin Laden, the most infamous terrorist in recent history? The ability to read and write is probably the minimum requirement for a terrorist. How else do you even expect a suicide bomber to reach his ‘detonation point’? If he doesn’t understand where he is headed, or he can’t read the directions, he will simply be, lost.

Why do Mexico and Columbia have extreme terrorist activities, despite having literacy rates as high as 93%-95%? In India the same is applicable to West Bengal and Tamil Nadu.

On the basis of moral values, an illiterate person from rural India might be morally
stronger than an urban literate of his age. Even though the illegal drugs are cultivated in remote villages, why is the drug trade higher in the urban population?

A person’s principles are not defined by his academics or his 2+2 ability, but his education. We need to rise from blaming the less privileged. We need to take a moral and ethical stand. It’s the world against corruption, not the world against the easily suppressed.

I hope we now mutually agree on why nannies aren’t terrorists and why illiteracy doesn’t
cause terrorism.

Anshuman Dandriyal