Cuisines that make You Want to Drool!!!

  • Lebanese food is known worldwide for its richness and goodness! Their meals are prepared in the special Mediterranean style, which are full of vegetables and diverse flavours and generally minimum meat! It is generally devoured with Wine!
  • The Greek Cuisine is known for its originality in taste and freshness in aroma! The Greek Olive oil is demanded the World over! Its light appetizing and radiant countenance makes on want to relish it without feeling guilty!
  • Spanish Food stands for light yet healthy snacking! The Spanish are world known for their home grown ingredients and their diversity in taste and aroma! A paradise for gourmets!
  • The Japanese believe in the essential taste of the food itself! The cook it minimally and add even little ingredients! They believe in the importance of ever vegetable and meat!
  • Mexican Cuisine is a hot+chillly paradise! The Mexicans devour it hot and that how they llike to serve it! Try out the Mexicana way if you’re bored of the daily bland stuff!
  • Thai Cuisine gives equal respect to all ingredients! The traditional Thai food would have all kinds of flavours ranging from sweet to sour to salty! All combining to give an appetizing appeal!
  • Our own Indian Cuisine figures in the world’s most loved cuisines! One would always find an Indian Restaurant anywhere in the World and people ranting about ‘Butter Chichen and Naan’ in diverse accents! Loved because of its diversity, Indian food beats them all!!!
  • Chinese food has been replicated the world over like no other cuisine! It is light, easy to digest and sumptuous! Who wouldn’t enjoy a hand at the Chinese?
  • And finally, Italian cuisine is one of the oldest cuisines in the World! It is enjoyed by all! Generally eaten in a company of friends and family!