Customs That Hinder The Frail

Rituals in India play an extremely significant role. They have a major impact on most of the people living here in India. It is a pleasure to witness the heart of the religions kept alive by those who follow these rituals. In the midst of hard times, devotion gives a lot of solace, patience and control to certain people. On the other hand, when a ritual is not one’s choice, but only an obligation, the purpose of the ritual fades.

Being spiritual and being dissatisfied with life are two different things. It is nothing but a myth that one should try to live a difficult life. Here, superstitions play a big role. For someone to be god fearing might be good for that individual, but to impose such a belief on somebody else is erroneous. It is only then, that issues related to education, health and development are overlooked. To make people think realistically, especially children who are in the primary stage of their life, is very crucial. By believing in god, one gets courage to face difficult situations. But in the name of god, making a simple life complicated for someone is not appropriate.

In one of the articles from The National Interest, titled ‘Rush Hour for the Gods’, William Darlymple wrote, “In India the number of devotion spots is almost the double of the number of schools here.” Darlymple is an author of the books like The Age of Kali and From the Holy Mountain. This throws light on the fact that we give more importance to religion than to education. In the same article, Darlymple also mentioned that – “the number of hospitals is about 3 per cent of the devotion spots here.” For a country where thousands of children die out of starvation, spirituality holds a priority.

On one hand, the government is emphasizing on making the right to education evident; whereas on the other hand, spirituality to such an extent may turn out to be puzzling for children. Many of us offer Rs10 to our deities, but when it comes to charity all we can afford is probably Rs 2 for the beggar standing at the place of devotion.  Is this a condition we are proud to live in?

A mere differentiation between being wise and being self-centred is all that is required. One of the reasons that foreign tourists visit our country is its spirituality which is to a sky-scraping level. They tend to find peace here. They find people, who are contended even after being familiar with the problems around them. It is this incredible spirit that makes us what we are. At the same time, importance of rational thinking, health, education and awareness should not lessen.

In the near future, where opportunities will be hampered from every side, one will have to be competent of handling not only the hassle of one’s personal life but also the risks related to work. The benefits that a knowledgeable, fit and conscious person has are infinite. To think that the spiritual cannot be coherent will be a folly. Keeping the rituals going is admirable; however, it should not be the primary focus. Enlighten the unripe minds, as it is the need of the hour.

Deepika Bhutra

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