Cut it for Memories

Second most fickle thing to politicians in India, is electricity or at least sometime back it used to be. Sitting alone at my desk one day when the electricity went off, I wandered into some very funny and delightful memories. I remembered the time when I was in school, when homework was the biggest worry. Well more worrisome was realizing it late in the evening and worse than that was the fact that lights went off as soon as I sat down to complete it. But somehow that no-light thing also brought an excitement with it, of spending some more time with friends in the neighbourhood, chatting, gossiping and playing dumb charades. Even adults were not spared. I remember how ghost stories sprang up instantly and aunties revised all the gossips they had completed discussing that day.

The course followed when I went to college. Standing in those galleries of my hostel, we had Inter-branch gossip. It would be a letdown if I say that we had to complete assignments when the electricity was cut off, which anyhow remained incomplete till the very last minute. But the fun then was in throwing a light beam on someone’s face or in some room, to hurl abuses with changed voices and to go to hostel top for a chat session in changed ambience. I think whole of my lobby mates would remember that night during the end semester exam of Solid Mechanics when we had no electricity for the whole of night, for whole of that time when 80% of college prepares for exam.

Well may be down the years, we would have no electricity cuts. I somehow feel bad about it. I feel sad about my juniors who would never experience this part of college fun. I feel for the kids in my locality who have no reprieve from that evening work anyhow. I feel for the nostalgia associated with such acts as trivial as an electricity cut off, which my future generations may never experience. All this I thought in 5 minutes, because that much it took for electricity to resume, thanks to the generator in my locality. I resumed my work.

Sachin Paranjape

The author belong to a place called Mhow in Madhya Pradesh. After his schooling, he did his B.Tech from IIT Roorkee in 2008. He will be soon joining Teach for India and has served Tata Steel for roughly 3 years. He is an extrovert by nature and loves to talk, loves to discuss. He is constantly hungry for new experiences, good or bad, new piece of information. He is a big football fan and an avid supporter of Netherlands and Manchester United. He loves reading, writing, talking and running. His bearings in this infinite mesh of space and time are determined by his passion, his friends and family and love for his country.

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