Cyrus Mistry: The New Tata Titan

Ratan Tata - MistryRatan Tata Retires After 21  years

As Ratan Tata celebrated his 75th Birthday on the 28 December, it marked the end of his illustrious career, as a visionary and a philanthropic leader who built an unparalleled empire.

The metamorphosis of Tata into the most trusted brand can be attributed to Ratan Tata’s perennial force. Right from Tata steel, to the Tata Nano, and to the very recent Starbucks, he has done it all.

He finally hangs his boots after a long 21 years as the group’s chairman.

He was responsible for making the Tata group a truly Indian multinational company, and driving it to  a value of a 100 billion dollars.

He took over from JRD Tata in 1991 when Tata had a valuation of 14,000 crore rupees, when today its value is earmarked to 4,75,000 crore rupees.

His successor Cyrus Mistry takes over as the chairman. He was trained for this role for over a year and was selected via a five member  selection committee over a year ago. This Pallonji Mistry scion was already on the board of Tata sons, and was groomed for this day.

As he takes over as the sixth chairman of the Tata group,he has taken it upon him to maintain the values and standards that Tata stands for.

Cyrus Mistry has to step into big shoes and take over from a highly transformational leader, who is considered as the beacon of Indian business; it is his chance to show how he changes this and makes his mark.

People will always scrutinize him to see if he can maintain the reputation that Tata has created, and also carve a niche for himself.

Even though his task may seem similar to what Ratan Tata faced, Cyrus has a bigger task cut out. He has to spearhead the conglomerate and now look after the entire business, domestic and international.

He is known for his business acumen and management practices. He was the director of Tata and Sons and seemed the most apt choice for this generational change.

Now the debatable question is whether he can continue Tata’s seed to tree story ahead or not.

Will he be able to produce the same mélange of trust and integrity that Ratan Tata created?

As Ratan Tata passes on the baton, a million eyes zoom in on him and await for the next chapter in Tata‘s growth story.

Smriti Sudish

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