Dangers of Ramdev’s Rhetorics

Delhi police in the midnight forcibly evicted the Ramleela ground where Baba Ramdev and his fiftty thousand devotees were fasting against bringing ‘black money’ from abroad. Baba was over excited. He wanted that he will not sit in AC until each Indian has an AC. He was in a Land Rover and later shifted to Scorpio. I hope he would not say that I would not sit in a Land Rover or Scorpio unless each Indian gets one.

Baba’s rhetorics are immense. Once Laloo used to do this but then Laloo really was a great orator and his understanding of Indian masses was too large than Baba Ramdev. Baba, on the other hand knows that his clientale is local Marwaris and upper castes who have generously donated for this great campaign. They all want to get India’s money back. One must tell Baba that a parallel economy already exists in India itself and most of those who have donated to him may not have clean hands yet since anything which is coming to Baba is becoming clean so we must accept that everything Baba does is clean.

I had maintained from the very beginning that the Varnavadi forces lead by the Sangh Parivar and their Hindutva lampoons are behind Baba. Long back MN Roy wrote that Indian fascism may not be violent but it would be cultural fascism. We are witnessing corporate fascism today when our farmers are being brutally beaten up for protesting their land grab, students are beaten up when they ask for their rights and quota but then these are not the issues of Baba. He wants justice for farmers but would never ever sit on fasting against illegal land grab.

Baba Ram Dev can make some of our issues truly national. When our friend Udit Raj fasts unto death for reservation in government services, most of us term it as purely politics and do not even come to support. Why is that Baba Ramdev continues to desist the issue of Dalits and OBCs. Well, he knows that if he raises these issues he will not be able to bring the likes of Ashok Singhal, Rithambhara on his platform. Watching them and their faces makes one wonder that what is this hue and cry over corruption. Corruption is not merely in the form of money, in India, it actually exists in our values, our spiritualism and our brahmanical system which created this superficial superstructure called brahmanical social order.

What is corruption Babaji? Simply because you belong to a shudra community does not give you a licence to claim that you must be working for their rights. In fact, you are converting the new assertive shudras to again bow to brahmanical Hinduism which is the aim of such forces led by the Hindutva. They want shudras to forget asking their rights, political and economic power. They want to use Shudra’s power to actually hit at the bottom of Dalits. They want to make shudras as the gate keepers of brahmanical system which Ambedkar had long back rightfully commented.

You can look who are the people around Baba. and you can understand what do they want. All of them gets fits just hearing the name of reservation and quota for Dalits, Adivasis, backwards and minorities.

Yes, the Baba wants to change our constitution. He wants a direct election of prime minister like the presidential form of government. We all know Indira Gandhi started this long back and later Advani also wanted it as they are afraid of the regular coalition governments in India. They are afraid of no stable government. Kanshi Ram used to say that the non stable governments are best suitable for all the Dalit Bahujan masses. They will listen to their voices only then. In the presidential form of the government, it is the politicians, who have media, mafia and money with them, will win the elections. We all know who have these with them. Dalits-Bahujan know it well. But then Baba is working on RSS agenda who always wanted to scrap our secular constitution.

Yesterday the Baba said that I condemn rape on women when a journalist asked him a question. He said that he eats at the homes of Harijans and Balmikis. How great he is. He was actually unable to hide his discomfort on the question itself. He forgot Harijan is a prohibited word and they do not need his ‘greatness’ to eat at his home. He must know that illicit money can not be black as it is the money of the people who are pushing him. He must know that our temples and muths are dens of corruption. In this country, an average Indian has .6 hectare of land. Most of the Dalits do not possess land but you can have huge track of land in the name of cows and any damn gods. There is a ceiling law where an individual cannot procure over 18 acres of land. It is different in different states yet it is not over 18-20 acres of land yet for different Gods, we can have thousands of acres of land. All the corruption in India stems from brahmanical corruption. The illicit money in these temples needs to be exposed. We must tax all the money in these temples and mutths. Government must bring out a law to regulate these temples like the SGPC in Punjab and other parts of the country.

Baba Ramdev, we just want to know why you need such a huge track of land. Why you need a chopper to reach masses. You must get the old Mahabharat or Ramayana time chopper and not the modern day instruments to preach your spiritualism. You speak of rehtrorics. We all want to fight against corruption. It is a serious issue. Do not make it non serious through your antics and oversimplifications. Your donors must be having the interest in the so called black money which exists not just in Mauritius or Switzerland but in India too. Why don’t you speak of the illicit money in India itself. The Dalit Bahujan masses do not have it. Even the so called corrupt leaders of theirs do not have this much of money to send to the Swiss Bank. This illicit money and I refuse to say black money as I respect the power of blacks. I respect the color of black. and I refuse to call black as the symbol of illicit things. For me black is symbol of revolt it is the colour of Dalit Bahujan. Do not attack our colours. Ask all your donors who are giving you handsome donation as where is their money coming from. I can vouch that Dalit Bahujan Adivais do not need your Yoga as they are hardworking masses and they are not in a position to pay you handsome donation baba.

Mahatmas have come and gone, said Dr Ambedkar on Gandhi’s fast. He blamed that Gandhi did fasting for everything but not a single fast for the emancipation of Dalits. The only fast Gandhi did related to Dalits was for denying them the rights under seperate electroate. So many years after Gandhi, when our Dalits and OBCs are asserting and seeking their role in power politics and rejecting the castiest Varnashram dharma, the danger of Baba Ramdev is that they try to evade these issues and damage the forces of social justice.

We condemn the police brutalities in Ramleela ground. But then don’t we know how our police behave. How our government behaves. When this police beat up Muslim boys, cook up stories about them, leak them to media, we jump and report those as gospel truth. When they inflict brutalities on the Adivasis in Chhatishgarh and Jharkhand, we keep conspicuous silent and say they deserve it.  Why are we so angry? Is it because most of these devotees belong to upper caste middle classes?

And finally, if Baba wants to do politics, he must join it and claim it. He must clear his agenda. Everyone has a right to start a campaign for himself. Don’t use your Yoga classes and Vandemataram for politics. This is absolute communal agenda from backroom and again putting the brahmanical agenda on the top of our head. We must be careful.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat

A human rights activist, writer and film maker, VB is widely traveled in India and abroad and have spoken at the various national and international conferences.