Dear John by Nicholas Sparks – Book Review

One of the best books I’ve read and one of the best love stories that I know of…

I am not much of a reader but when I choose to read a book it has to be spectacular, beyond ordinary. ‘Dear John’ just gave me a new dimension, a new outlook towards Love.  It is that book that leaves you valuing your loved one, the one who has had that impact on your life, the one who has brought colors to your life. It encourages those who are fighting distance with their loved one, to keep their faith alive and to ignite the flame of love and romance all through, wherever they may be.

Savannah, a simple but extremely caring girl, living in her own world, knitting her own dreams, leads a simple life, a life where she sees herself doing something for the helpless and later on for the autistic children. She meets a stranger, John, who happens to help her get the bag she dropped into the water. Surfer that he is, it wasn’t a task for him to dive right in to fetch her bag, without even giving it a second thought. Touched by this gentleman, Savannah decides to thank him by taking him over to her friends’ beach party. During the whole course, they get to talking and she shows keen interest in his life, which he is quite intrigued by. By the gazes that follow, you can tell how smitten they already are by each other. So he decides to take her out the following day, get to know her better and what follows after is a love affair to remember. John serves the nation and stayed his course, during the time she had her school holidays. Two weeks for them were the best moments of their lives. It’s like they’ve known each other forever and there couldn’t have been anything more beautiful than what they had.

John would do anything to be with her, including him quitting the army. But when Savannah finds out that he has to get back to base, she is upset and can’t control her emotions so decides to ask him to stay. Although this decision was only for a night that they spend making love to each other, wanting to express all that they had within them and also it seemed like a perfect way to say goodbye. They then maintain their bond by writing to each other and waiting for the others reply. They survived only because of their letters and a hope of seeing each other. But Savannah stops writing to him, days go by, and its two months now since John receives her first letter, which contains news he doesn’t want to hear, neither was expecting. He’s taken aback and decides to extend his work period than go back home. Unfortunately for him, his father, who suffers from autism, is breathing his last. This visit of John’s proves disheartening and hopeful at the same time. After his last rights of his father, who was a great coin collector, John decides to sell his whole collection except for that one mule (the coin that is priceless and had helped John discover his interest in coins). John still wasn’t satisfied with the way Savannah decided to end things and hence lands up at her place to find his answers. What does she tell him there and how had her life changed? I am leaving it up to you’ll to read and find out. John still loves her and so does she but circumstances decided their fate and made a call for them.

This novel is extremely touching and the characters are really put together well. The story line couldn’t have been better. The pace at which the story continues is just about perfect and any corrections, would’ve either slowed down the link or would’ve hampered with the emotional connect of the reader with the book. The way the scenes are described, the way their romance is shown, seems more natural and pure than can ever be. However, adding that extra twist to the tale and that sudden turn of events was necessary in order for the overall plot to be gripping. It’s the kind of book that you would read periodically as you feel for the couple and also sympathize with their situation. It’s a perfect read during the rainy season or winter when you have nothing much to do and want to sit indoors with a cup of coffee and in this case, a box of tissues.

Yes I am recommending each one of you to read this book as this is the perfect time for you’ll to develop a certain realization. Get a copy soon and thank me later!

Sunaina Machmanda

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