Dear Rakhi Sawant, Don’t Take Away Our Fans. Sincerely, An Exhausted Indian

Rakhi Sawant

Hello Ms Sawant,

I know it is not the perfect time to make a request, considering you are in mourning and shocked by your close friend’s death, but I need to say this. Summer is coming. And it is going to last months and we are on the wrong side of the Equator, and summer is coming. And when it comes, it will bring with it an army of the worst kind of dehydrating monsters. We must all brace ourselves and gear up for the long day. I, therefore, request you to spare us our ceiling fans.

You are such a wise and celebrated person; why would you make such a statement? You want every Indian to take their ceiling fans down so that our country’s daughters, wives, mothers and sisters don’t get to hang themselves to death. You want “Modi ji” to personally oversee this?

No fans, no suicides: this is horrendous, Rakhi ji! If we partake in your ‘noble’ cause of curbing suicides, how will we last the exhausting months of summer? Forget suicide, millions will vaporise as soon as they lose their fans. Little sweat beads have formed on my forehead already. I need my ceiling fans.

You do realise that India is struggling to root out poverty, right? That people still defecate in the open and do not have access to potable water? That if not ceiling fans, people will find other alternatives? And that our farmers are dying and nobody is batting an eyelid? You want air conditioners and table fans as replacements.


You are one naïve woman, aren’t you?

Well, to put things into perspective would be to pop your bubble and tell you that the poor cannot afford ACs and table fans will do them no good. People who commit suicide in rural areas, often hang from trees or jump in wells. So going by your logic, we should be out there, chopping trees and covering the wells as well, is it not?

And as far as the more-privileged are concerned, have you considered counselling maybe? I am not suicidal, never have been, I promise. But if I feel odd tomorrow, I would want my family and friends to talk me down, instead of taking down the fans.

I believe you are not in the right frame of mind currently, and we extend you our condolences and support. You want justice for Pratyusha and we want respite from the heat. Please do not entwine the two and make this a theatrical debate of complacency.


A tired Indian

Prerna Mittra

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