Dearth of Our Words

“How must it feel?” I wonder often.
The Dearth of our words,
For how can it be expressed?

How the parents of a newborn feel when they look at it?
How an artist feels upon the completion of a beautiful art piece?
How the passionate teacher feels seeing his students learn?
How a lover feels when his beloved rejects him?

How an author feels when his book is not published?
How the traveller feels upon reaching his destination?
How the intrepid soldier feels going into battle?
How a scientist feels when he makes his discovery?

How the young boy feels when he is lost?
How a musician feels as the audience applauds him?
How the stranger feels upon returning to his homeland?
How a father feels when he sees his son stand on his own feet?

Dearth of our words…
How the winner feels when he loses,
And how the loser feels when he wins.
Yet, I realise, the only way to know it all,
Is to feel it deep down in your own heart.

Sainyam Gautam

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