Debianka Mukherjee Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Sir,

Today I am happy to get the opportunity to present to you the deep rooted problem which is resulting into the deterioration of our country each day.

There are various problems one faces in such a large country, and I can understand there are huge loads of challenges that one has to go through while solving the problem. I am sure that you being the soul figure have to face many challenges and also have solved many problems. Still, India is not in a position where one could say that it has developed in last few years.

I am talking apart from the economic boom of the country, I am talking about the under-privileged section of the country, I am talking about the youth of the nation. If one look at the nation form their eyes then one would have repeated questions that β€œIS THIS WHAT YOU CALL DEVELOPMENT?” In a country where youth is frustrated then how can the nation progress.

Each and every step of their life is surrounded by the cloud of corruption and there is no space for one to escape out of it. Since, the time a child starts attending school he/she is under tremendous pressure and they accept it with a big smile as all of them dream of getting into a well reputed college. But, all the dreams shatter when a deserving child cannot make into college of his/her choice because of menace called CORRUPTION.

What is the need of making so many policies for benefitting the underprivileged who dreams of getting food, shelter and employment from the government policies but at the end of the day their dreams shatters and they are left with nothing in their hands because of mass CORRUPTION.

Sir, you being the soul figure of India should stand up and pull out corruption from the lowest level, so that the deserving gets what they actually deserve, the people under deep poverty get a ray of light to live and could say with a big smile that β€œI Can See My Nation Developing Now.”

There are many problems but the root of every problem goes deep down and makes us realise that CORRUPTION needs to end immediately.

Sir, I wish that after reading it you could atleast work on solving a small bit of it.

Thanks & regards

Debianka Mukherjee

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.