Dedh Ishqiya: A Review


Watch It To Be Enchanted

Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Madhuri Dixit, Arshad Warsi, Huma Qureshi

Director: Abhishek Chaubey

Set in the small town of Mahmuhdabad in Uttar Pradesh, Dedh Ishqiya is all set to break the records and steal the hearts right from the first scene. There is no moment in the movie that fails to grab the attention of the audiences, making it a much better film than its prequel—Vidya Balan starrer Ishqiya.

Dedh Ishqiya is not only raunchy but also hilarious, dazzling and charming. And with the heart touching Urdu shayaris (poetry) the viewer feels as if he or she is sitting among a group of learned poets.

The film was a great success within a day of its release and it’s all thanks to the performances delivered by the dazzling Madhuri Dixit and the fiery and feisty Huma Qureshi, who in their respective roles of Begum and Muniya complement each other effortlessly. Also starring in the film is the unbeatable duo of Naseeruddin Shah (Khalujaan) and Arshad Warsi (Babban) who with their chemistry make the viewers fall in love with them, all over again. Even Vijay Raaz’s performance as Jaan Mohammad is worth an applause and so is everybody else’s.

I doubt if people would disagree with me when I say that director Abhishek Chaubey with his co-writer Vishal Bhardwaj has written a brilliant plot. With just the right number of twists and turns, and the humour that blends in with the story, Dedh Ishqiya makes for a delightful watch. But what makes this movie so exquisite is its grandeur—the cinematography, the sets, the costumes and the female leads’ magnificent jewellery. Adding a distinctive flavour to the world of begums (a Muslim woman of high rank) and nawabs (the native Indian governors in the Mughal period) are the witty and funny dialogues written by Darab Farooqui and Dr. Bashir Badr’s shayari (poetry). 

Talking about the acting in the film, I was particularly impressed by Khalujaan and Babban. Taking it forward from Ishqiya the duo continues to be deceitful and shady when they come across beautiful women. It’s as if all their senses are taken over by mush, which brings them face to face with new troubles. The evil boss Mushtaq’s (Salman Shahid) intelligent scenes made me clap every time he came onto screen.

If you want to watch good cinema then go for Dedh Ishqiya without any second thoughts. Bollywood always dishes out a number of 100 crore club movies with meaningless story lines that bluff us in the garb of entertainment but Dedh Ishqiya is a respite from all such trashy scripts. And then there’s Madhuri Dixit-Nene, looking extremely graceful. Even now, she’s still capable of engaging the audience like she does during the final credits at the end of the movie by dancing to “Hamari Atariya Pe”. She looks simply divine and definitely makes the movie worth a watch.

All in all, Dedh Ishqiya has everything that good cinema can provide—a good story, rib tickling humour, a good star cast, the heady language, nawabi grandeur, the Muslim upper class’s love for shayari and ghazals, and last but not the least, some memorable performances.

Highlights From The Movie

  • The Seven Stages of Love described by our beloved Khalujaan—Dilkashi (attraction), Uns (attachment), Mohabbat (love), Akidat (trust), Ibadat (worship), Junoon (madness) and the last stage is Maut (death).
  • The hilarious scene where Arshad Warsi is to pick one from the list of punishments given by Mushtaq.
  • Madhuri’s dance sequence in “Humari Atariya pe”.

Dialogues which you will remember for a long time : 

Para Jaan:“Aapko pehle kahin dekha hai?”

Khalujaan:Yaad aaye kahan toh itilla zaroor kijiyega, hum bhi dhoond rahein hain kab se apne aap ko.

Lyrics by Gulzar : 

Na bolun main toh, kaleja phoonke

Jo bol dun toh zabaan jale hai

Sulag na jaave, agar sune woh

Sulag na jaave, agar sune woh

Jo baat meri zabaan tale hai

So go book your tickets now, before it’s too late.

Afshan Shaikh

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