Degree – The Killer Word

Does it really take a degree to get high in life? Yeah, most of us would agree giving an explanation that a degree behind your name becomes who you are, your identity. Should I tell you a secret on that?

The answer is No. You do not need a degree to make your dreams come true. Yes, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. If this is true, then why is there brouhaha over getting a degree? Right from our childhood, we have been asked to enter school so that one day when we reach our teens, we would come out with a degree. And is that the sign of success? Sadly, a degree is just not everything.

We are just doing it because ages ago, someone decided that a degree is what it takes. Someone decided that only be going to college and getting a degree, you can become a person.

I can boldly say that it isn’t true because I have seen people achieving great heights even without a degree. Of course, you can argue back with the statement that some careers depend on a degree because you cannot learn the basics by yourself.

Point taken.

If there is something you want to specialize in, you can very well get a degree. Thanks to the education system, we now get degrees for every topic like catering, fisheries, shipping and the list goes on.

I wouldn’t say that a degree is not needed but it is wrong to blindly believe that a degree is what makes you as a person. People should not be judged with the degrees that they tag behind their names for it is the stuff inside them that really matters. The zeal, the faith and the hope is what really takes you high. Degree is just a stepping stone towards what you really want.

Learning doesn’t stop with college because Life itself is a learning process throughout.

Chital Mehta