Deja Vu!

A stolen plum cake.  A hurried run  to see her walking downstairs with the cake in hand. The flight in the steps. The elation on handing the cake over  & the walking back victorious with a bright smile in the pimple-proned face!

Ronojoy remembers the day. He was just 16 years old shy, awkward guy who was mad about Leena – The Hotel Lobby Manager. A trainee in a star category hotel is supposed to be restrained, disciplined & obedient to his superiors, his guests & virtually everyone! A Trainee is supposed to bow down to whatever diktat came his way & could only avail the liberty of sulking privately.  The loo became his only place to sulk & vent to his heart’s delight. He would only come out after he felt levitated; light.

Ronojoy inhabited a secret world of his own. A dreamer, someone for whom the dictates of the heart   outran any other vestige of emotions elsewhere.  His heady feelings of teenaged love made him even so. He was obsessed with her & even had weighed the pros & cons of marrying her & being with her when his income would be more than his stipend of a meagre 3000 rs. Shirin would be happy- he knew it because he woulod be the only person to understand her true feelings. The ‘word beyond word’ types feeling.  Ronojoy knew it was written.  It was then.

It has been 50 years since then as Ronojoy sits next to Shirin- his wife with a terminal disease. The parents are taken care of by their only son Ronashish, who has been dutiful throughout & left no stones unturned to treat his mother & tend to her twice a day.  Shirin’s days are numbered & she wants to eat her favourite sweet atleast once. The couple knows that would be an insurmountable task as their only lovable son has admonished her to live on a Spartan diet as prescribed by the doctor. Furthermore, Ronashish has also initially politely, & later ina  stern demeanour, declined his father’s request to listen to Shirin’s request once.

His wife for 25 years! Old Ronojoy sits next to Shirin everytime & thinks of how deprived she is today. And how cipher he is not to fulfil her wish one last time! He has to comply to her request  & feed her  her favourite sweet just once. Then he was hit upon by an idea!

He stealthily went to the kitchen, climbed on a chair, took out a couple of sweets from the secret hiding place & came back to his wife.

“Here I have for you…. this is it.. you have always wanted.” –  The same elation smeared on old Ronojoy”s face. He handed over the sweets to Shirin. Both exchanged mischievous glance & partook of the sweets. Ronojoy sat next to her with a victorious smile on his blemished face that bore witness to the times when his face was afflicted with pimples…

Indrajit Ghoshal

The author is someone whom very few know & would ever know. There’s a part of him which remains in oblivion & there’s another side of him that screams to be wanted & to be loved. He is a sucker for solitude as much as he yearns to spend moments with his loved ones who are too few & too special. That’s him.