Delhi Rapes

Earlier when I opined on certain subjects, I was questioned about the facts, statistics and hence I start this post by throwing some statistics in front of you.

There were only 3 isolated cases of rape in moving vehicles in a mega city of over 15 million population and rapes by strangers were only 4-6 % of total rapes. More than 95% of rape cases were committed by boy-friends, neighbours or relatives. Via Delhi Police

This may interest you as well, “98% statistics are made up”.

I am not going to share any further statistics, it is a world known fact that New Delhi entertains the highest number of rapists in Indian territory ; my tone is cold for a reason pardon if you object it. However, why only New Delhi? Rest of the metros are comparatively safer and if you are still worried about the statistics, you should follow this link for further details. When I was researching on the subject, I found Delhi Police website dedicated to Parivartan, which highlights the measures adapted by Delhi Police to control further humiliation to themselves and women kind. Delhi Police has highlighted how it has achieved targets by keeping the number of rapes in control.

However the thing that one should keep in mind is that most of the rape cases are not even reported. In one particular case, the Police wanted the victim to press charges against the rapists but she refused .The rapist had confessed the crime in a cold tone and Police saw it as a win-win case, however victim replied in an email, “The police will not be able to restore my honour.” The girl later attempted suicide when pressurised to support Police, the Police gave up.

Why New Delhi is the hot spot for rapes?

“If these girls roam around openly like this, then the boys will make mistakes,” the mother of two of those accused in the rape said in an interview, refusing to give her name.

This is the attitude of the woman who give birth to rapists, and yes I deliberately used I-am-blaming-the-woman tone, because let’s face it, that’s what she did to the woman who was raped. Can I simply blame such a mother who gave birth to rapists? The fact that rape had evolutionary and genetic origins, one may take the genes, conditions, upbringing in to the account, however more research is being done on this topic. Alas, rape is a taboo when it comes to research and associating it with Darwin’s theory.

Many reputed websites blame this on the deeply ingrained attitude of the city. In New Delhi, the dominance that men have enjoyed over women in the past is now challenged by women who are independent, confident and earn their own bread. Women complain they are molested, harassed in public and cannot claim to be safe in the wee hours. However, still, 95% of the reported victims are raped by men known to them. Is there dominance-submission theory here?

Is it possible, that men fancy dominating and then target the nearest submissive woman that can be their handy target, who perhaps wouldn’t report the case? As per Psychology Today, women do fancy aggressive sexual acts which may hint rape and men seek dominance in their sexual fantasies, however they add to it that this reasoning in no way indicates that men want to rape and women would like to get raped. They mention, as psychologist Meredith Chivers says, “Arousal is not consent.” Perhaps, Delhi men do not understand this!

When they see a submissive woman in their proximity, they want to dominate her and hence rape. The fact that, most of the high profile crime cases against women took decades to put the criminals behind the bars empowers wild fantasies of a common man. The fact that, no matter how innocent or submissive or independent the victim be, there will always be another woman to malign victim’s character and outshine her son’s libido, empowers them?

Editors of scholarly journals have refused to publish papers that represent rape from Darwinian perspective. However does that completely deny that this could be true? As per evolutionary psychology, the daily habits are learned; otherwise why most of the Indian homes would have Indian style toilets, till someone who travelled to west and learnt, ah, I could sit differently and dump.

Delhi Police website mentions,
Research shows that rape, battering, and other forms of man’s violence against women are learnt behaviours that are reinforced by society that defines masculinity through domination. There is a direct relationship between societal norms and the sexual violence based on male superiority and sexual entitlement.

Agreed, New Delhi is the most unsafe city with respect to women; agreed, if a woman of foreign nationality is raped her case is highlighted and rapist is convicted sooner than a Kashmiri woman who is raped in the city, however by stating all these facts are we making, all the men who have dominance fantasies, learn that they can rape and live in fame while the victim is even ashamed of filing a report?

Only, Darwin-The Second will tell.

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