Delhi Undiscovered

Just few days back I happened to go for a picnic to Lodhi Gardens. The beauty of the garden not only enchanted me but also made me think that being natives of Delhi, how is that beautiful locales go unnoticed before our eyes? Why is it always that we want to go on foreign tours for a vacation or out of town? How many of us can actually boast of having seen entire of this mesmerizing city? Well, that is the point that I’m trying to make here. While we desire to go to other destinations to see their beauty and culture, our own city misses its inmates.

Delhi is replete with tourist attractions ranging from museums to heritage monuments, from gardens to amusements parks, from theatres to art galleries, from markets to big shopping complexes, from local chai wallahs to world class dining, Delhi boasts of having them all. Delhi has come a long way since the old times. After bagging the prestigious title of India’s capital, Delhi has carved a niche for itself. One of India’s fastest growing cities; it illustrates a beautiful example of the past and the present living together. While the Walled City, our very own integral Old Delhi still dazzles in its ancient charm, the New Delhi is an icon of development. State of the art residential complexes, breathtaking shopping complexes, grand skyscrapers, Delhi has several architectural marvels under its belt.

Home to India’s President, Lutyen’s Delhi is a secular city. Not only is it teeming with Hindu temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras are also in plenty here, not to forget the Jain and Buddhist temples. Along with the places of worship, there is classy commercial centre of Connaught Place. The streets of Janpath are not only popular with the Delhites, they also score well with the foreign tourists. Bags, footwear, decorative pieces, clothes, fashion accessories, paintings and any other thing you can think of, Janpath is the place to pick them up at a good price, but hone your bargaining skills before planning a trip there! Hauz Khas Village complex is the place to hit if you have money in the pockets and want designer brands. There are several other markets to quench your thirst for shopping.

Delhi also comes alive at the mere mention of cultural history. It witnessed the rise and fall of several dynasties. Various heritage monuments are still a very important part of the city. If there is the famous Red Fort, then there is Qutab Minar also. Jantar Mantar and India Gate deserve a special mention here. One cannot miss out the various tombs, remains of Qilas and minarets. Delhi takes its visitors back into the golden era with panache.

These only are not the highlights of the city. Delhi has numerous educational institutes of all levels ranging from kindergarten to PhD level. The region around Delhi, popularly known as NCR region is also worth a mention. The corporate and residential complexes that have come up there are applause worthy. Created with the primary aim of erecting structures in enough spaces, they display the fashion style and class of Delhites. The luxury and lavishness is all what dilli dilwalon ki is all about.

Being the capital of India and one of the metropolitan cities, it is well connected to all parts of India and the world. It has international airport, bus terminal and railway stations. Inter city commute is also not a problem with autos, cabs and buses plying on the road in plenty. With the coming in of the Metro, another feather has been added to cap of Delhi’s transport.

Being in the interior of the country, Delhi experiences extreme climate. The best season to visit the city is October to March. One can also enjoy various cultural events that take place in the city during winters. So experience dilli ki sardi before global warming takes away its charm. So while I urge the people of other towns and cities to visit Delhi, I also call out its natives to just go and explore its charm and beauty. Just let your shutterbugs flicker and you will be surprised at the elegance and artistry captured!

Shikha Tandon

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