Delhi’s Security Tightened Ahead Of New Year Bash


The year is approaching its end in another few hours; therefore, everyone is trying hard to make these moments as meaningful as possible. People are busy planning New Year parties, and the Delhi Police is all set to ensure safety. Sexual assaults, rape cases,criminal acts and snatching cases escalated in the capital lately, have worsened the problems of Delhi Police. On top of that, the bomb blast in Bangalore on last Sunday added fuel to the fire.

Delhi Police doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned in ensuring safety to its citizens, especially in the wake of the recent blast in Bangalore. BS Bassi, Police Commissioner said that the police needs support from the public in strengthening the security measures. He appealed everyone to keep an eye over any suspicious activity around them. The police has been instructed by senior officials to cross check all the security arrangements once again. In case of any suspicious activity, people are advised to inform the anti-terror unit by dialing 1090.

Bangalore city witnessed a low-intensity IED blast on Sunday night right in front of a restaurant located on Church Street. Soon after this incident, the security agencies had warned other metro cities to increase their safety measures. Police has notified 255 routes, 139 key locations, various malls, pubs and hotels in Delhi, which will be under high alert on December 31st and January 1st.

As per the information, Delhi Police force will split into teams in order to take care of safety measures on these two days. Senior officials will keep visiting different sites in order to check for security arrangements. If they find any suspicious activity, person or thing, then appropriate action will be taken without any delay. Apart from this, no pub, bar, disc or club will remain open after 12.30 in the night. The decision has been taken by Delhi Police to avoid any shameful act.

The month of December is meant for celebrations, but the case is different this time. The world has witnessed a couple of brutal terror attacks recently; one in Australia and the other one in Pakistan. India is set to host US President Barak Obama on Republic Day; therefore, the eyes of the world media are on its security arrangements. Even a single mistake can spoil India’s relations with other major countries.

In order to make sure that everything goes as per the plans, 181 police stations have been asked to deploy most of their personnel in public places in nearby areas. Leaves of all the senior officials have been cancelled with immediate effect till the next official announcement. It’s high time for both Delhi Police and Delhi public to ensure 100% safety; & none of them can do that without each other’s support.

Don’t celebrate the last night of 2014 so carelessly that you forget about your own safety. Be safe and party hard!

Bhupendra Sharma

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