Devils in Disguise

The Indo-USA civilian accord may well be on its way to ruining the UPA government which is completing its full five year term. The manner in which the government has allowed itself to succumb to pressure from the Left is not only shocking, but also something completely unheard of in the political history of India.

Never before has a group of 60 MPs, approximately a tenth of the Lok Sabha dictated government policies, and that too when they hold no position in the government. One can understand the fears of both the Left and the Congress when they say they seek to keep the BJP away, but then holding the government at ransom practically on every issue, criticizing it and leading protests against it is something that has demonstrated the hypocrisy and double standards of the Left.

It would have been good to see the Communist Parties speak out openly against what was happening in Tibet and condemn the Chinese. But they preferred to call it an internal matter of the Chinese. What has happened in Nandigram can be nothing but ‘terror sponsored by the state’, and Prakash Karat has not bothered to speak out against it. But their stand on the Indo-USA pact is what astonishes one the most. Do the Communist Parties not realize the vitality of nuclear energy in India? In the name of anti-capitalism they have unleashed a series of pressure tactics that are completely unreasonable and unjust. Don’t they want India to emerge out of its prolonged nuclear ostracism?

Is this deal not a vindication of our honest and well maintained (unlike Pakistan) nuclear programme, (that we got such a deal without even signing the NPT or the CTBT)? One cannot see any logic in the reason that Karat has provided, stating that we would become American stooges. This way they are helping nobody but the Chinese, who are our superpowers in the long run. What also shocked many was the half hearted opposition of the BJP who had settled for much less when the NDA was in power.

If this government were to fall, it would be the first time a foreign policy decision would affect the internal politics of the country. The entire nuclear saga has also brought another issue into the forefront and that is the weak position of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who is no politician and is not here to play petty politics. Wit the deal he has put a lot at stake – something no Prime Minister has ever done in the past except Pandit Nehru . But the irony is that he is surrounded by a group of ‘politicians’ who unfortunately do not share our Prime Minister’s vision for a strong India in the years to come, something this deal will eventually lead to. Unfortunately, the Left can neither boast of good governance, which at least Narendra Modi can. Neither can they match the Prime Minister’s honesty and commitment and his apolitical nature. Their own states, Kerala and West Bengal may well be interesting case studies for infighting and terror by the state, and this is where they begin to target a government trying to bring a landmark agreement in India’s favour.

Yash Gandhi


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